Farce90’s Post Series – Part 12: Story of Eastern Wonderland

This is the second game in the Touhou series and the first to have the danmaku curtain shooting death spree that everyone knows and loves. And possibly despises. It was released in 1997 by Amusement Makers on April 15th. This game features Marisa Kirisame, Hakurei Reimu, and Mima, in order from left to right. The way this one starts is Reimu returns from a training session only to find her shrine is overrun by ghosts and youkai alike. Thrilled at testing her new abilites, she charges off to seek the source of the invasion with the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb in hand.

This game casts you as Hakurei Reimu, yet again, but with three different attack types. A quick and weak one, a balanced one, and a strong and slow one. The release of this specific game set a benchmark for future games. The danmaku type shooter is now the norm for all of these games, they all feature a semi-complex scoring system, powerups, and an unlockable and insanely hard extra stage. This also marked the appearance of Marisa Kirisame who would become extremely popular among the series, second only to Reimu.

As the game begins, Reimu sets off to find the one responsible for infesting her shrine. She eventually stumbles across the suspicious engineer, Rika, who is the only boss character in any Touhou game to pilot a vehicle… a tank. After being defeated, Rika attempts to lure Reimu into a trap, but Reimu’s intuition wins out and she avoids it. Upon defeating Rika and pushing on through another stage and entering the Forest of Magic, Reimu is ambushed by the samurai Meira, who hopes to defeat Reimu and inherit her abilites. After being defeated, Meira runs off into the night never to be seen again.  After Meira, Reimu encounters the ordinary magician, Marisa Kirisame, who is determined to stop Reimu before she can get to her mistress, Mima. However, Marisa also falls victim and gives a warning to Reimu that she won’t be able to defeat Mima. I can’t rightly blame her either, Mima is a badass. Regardless, Reimu pushes on and encounters the vengeful ghost, Mima for the second time, who admits to sending the ghosts and youkai to Reimu’s shrine for whatever reason. After finally defeating Mima, she runs off before Reimu can exorcise her and ending the main storyline in the process.

The extra stage shows the return of Rika and the trap the Reimu avoided earlier, her tank Evil Eye Sigma. Using the full power of the Yin-Yang Orbs, Reimu ultimately defeats Rika and heads home to find that the monsters at her shrine had disappeared. Yay for happy ending.

I find that my posts have been getting a little too bland lately, and I hope that that doesn’t deter anyone from reading them. I’m really putting a lot of effort into these posts and I want you all to enjoy them to the fullest, so for the character bios I’ll be adding their theme songs and a nifty wallpaper to try and help spice things up.


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