Farce90’s Post Series – Part 14: Lotus Land Story

Holy crap, it’s freezing cold in central Pennsylvania right now. So any spelling errors are to blame on my freezing cold hands which refuse to respond half decently in freezing cold weather. Also, if anyone hasn’t been able to guess yet, these images I’ve been using are the artwork for the Touhou games done by ZUN himself. But on to the main reason I’m doing these posts.

The fourth Touhou game, and one that marks the appearances and re-introductions of some excellent characters. The player is also given a choice between playing as either Hakurei Reimu (duh) or Marisa Kirisame. Personally, Marisa > Reimu. Anyway, back on track. This game goes back to the Danmaku for the second time. I believe that this game also debuts the infamous Master Spark, the giant love powered laser, but more on that some other time. On to the story.

Reimu’s luck seems to be getting worse and worse and things seem to be repeating themselves again, as the Hakurei Shrine becomes overrun with youkai, yet again, and is being destroyed by all the youkai. However, Reimu isn’t able to compete against the hordes of demons and whatnot, but she deduces that the source is emanating from a nearby lake and sets off to kill it at the source. At the same time, Marisa Kirisame senses the same power coming from a mountain lake and sets off wishing to make the power her own. At the beginning, neither is aware of the other’s actions.

The first boss encountered is simply called Orange, and she is easily beaten down like a wet sponge. Orange was an ordinary youkai just flying around the lake, which happens to be full of blood. Blood! Let that sink in for a second. A lake… full of blood. Nothing suspicious here, move along. Anyway, at the lake the player encounters the vampire, Kurumi, who claims to be the guardian of the lake and battles the player twice, however that works out. After mopping up everything within a fifty foot radius with Kurumi, the protagonists discover a chasm on an island in the middle of the blood filled lake. At the end of the chasm is a large mansion from which the mysterious power is flowing.

It is here where the castle keeper Elly is met. This scythe wielding youkai explains that the mansion lies on the boundary between the real world and the dream world. She also admits that the other character (the one the player didn’t pick) had already defeated her and move inside the mansion. After smacking up Elly the player moves into the mansion themselves. After another stage the player meets up with the other character. In other words, Marisa and Reimu run across each other for the first time, and in a dark chamber at the center of the mansion no less. Reimu accuses Marisa of being up to something and orders her to leave. Marisa takes offense to this and an epic battle ensues between the two. The victor demands the other leaves before continuing into the heart of the mansion.

It is there that the remaining protagonist is awoken, the sleepy youkai Yuka Kazami, who despite her weariness, wields exceptional power and tremendous attacks, including the Master Spark. Yes, Yuka is the creator of the Master Spark. Surprise! After her defeat, Yuka flees forcing the player to give chase directly into the starry dream world where the final battle takes place. Yuka is the only character to be a boss in two consecutive stages.

The extra stage, as pointless as it is, has the player facing off against the ferociously powerful twin demons Mugetsu and Gengetsu. Honestly, they fight for nothing more than a time killer.

Alright, I hope this is sufficient enough for you guys. It better be, since Souza has been making his fair share of posts to counteract my highly informative and boring ones. It all works out in the end. Although, the character profiles should be much more entertaining, especially if I can get their theme musics in. Until then.


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