Black Rock Shooter Visual Works

I just found the greatest thing since the release of Black Rock Shooter. That would be the first Black Rock Shooter Visual Works book. They’re mostly just images taken from the PV for the BRS song, but there are several unique images as well. And for those of you that know how much of a BRS fanatic I am, you can probably guess that I nearly crapped myself after finding this. The book has a total of just over 30 images, all of them spectacular and all of them are original pieces by Huke himself. I tried my hardest to find the second visual works book for downlaod, but I couldn’t and the purchase price is 77 American dollars, but I can say that I am greatly looking forward to a download-able version, much like the first one.. I hope that the rest of you enjoy this half as much as I do.

Here’s the download link. The files come in a .rar format so you’ll need a special file opener to get the images from it:


3 responses to “Black Rock Shooter Visual Works

  1. Lol, I got this from BakaBT a few days ago and I wondered if I should tell you or not. I assumed you already had it so I didn’t. I think we just have to wait for the 2nd volume.

    • Wait very eagerly. And normally I’m a patient person but WANT! So I’m a little less patient. And the real tease is that I’ll have to wait for a sub-titled Black Rock Shooter anime for a hell of a long time after the release, more than likely. I know there’s an exact release date for it but I can’t remember when. I think it’s sometime this month. The 16th or so?

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