Anime Spring List 2010

Late post as always (Should’ve done this a few weeks before). After a disaster season of winter anime broadcasting (Yeah, I’m saying this to you, Seikon no Qwaser), this spring I get a relief of a wave of worth-watched anime.

This season, I’ll be looking forward to three titles which two of them I kinda gamble on the quality (I only judge it based on the synopsis I read). Of course, the first priority would be K-ON second season. After the success of season one with epic moe, I really am looking forward to watch those girl again. Of course, I kinda ticked of by the appearance of Azusa Nakano (Hey, we don’t need two tsundere in one anime). But besides that, K-ON is just magnificent to watch.

The other two are Senko no Night Raid and Hakuoki: Shinsengumi no Kitan. It’s about war and setted in the past, so history and anime really goes well together I think. Plus, I really am looking forward to looking a Shinsengumi themed anime (I hope it’s not yaoi, or I’ll drop this instantly^^).

As for the comedy, I still relying on Hetalia Axis Power to stir my stomach up. Yutori-chan is also hilarious for a 5 minutes clip anime. It’s about a part-timer girl who works in an office and joke is about work stuff with moderate moe scene. The rest of them will be Ookiku Furikabatte and Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou, but I’m pessimistic of the quality of the story here.

As for harem genre, I guess I can watch either Working! or Angel Beat, but I still keep neutral on this since the anime is neither bad or good (Especially Angel Beat which still blurry on the story plot. So, there you have it guys, my recommendation for spring 2010 upcoming anime. Additional input is appreciated, though.


22 responses to “Anime Spring List 2010

  1. I just watched Arakawa Under the Bridge which was pretty good. Angel Beats…I don’t know yet. So far so weak but we will have to wait for the rest of the shows to come out I guess.

  2. House of the Five Leaves = Manglobe + samurai-themed animu = WIN (by default)

    Angel Beats! = WAT…(at this point, i’m getting a hunch that the screenwriter’s just pulling ideas out of his ass…however i will continue following it just for shits and giggles…besides, a kuudere is always good) (on another note: an afterlife conceived as a japanese highschool is administering a hint of suicidal tendency on my teenage mind…:X)

    K-ON 2!! = *trollface*

    Shinsengumi no Kitan = *unbearable shrieks of yaoi fangirls*


    Ikkitousen XX = tits, need i say moar…

    Night Raid = we’ll see…we’ll see…

    Heroman = an exciting tale of your generic highschooler fighting an invasion of anthropomorphic cockroaches with an undersized buster machine (dix-neuf repainted, anyone?)

    Arakawa under the Bridge = whatever happens under that bridge stays under that bridge…or so i thought…

    Iron Man = srsly…ORZ

    DtB OVA 8====D—-

  3. Oh, I thought the discussion about this Spring anime done weeks ago XD

    Yes, this season is like a ‘medicine’ to me for the pain because of the previous season T-T, although not as good as previous Spring (Spring 2009 was better of course: FMA, Eden of the East, K-ON!, Pandora Heats, Hayate no Gotoku!! etc)

    Of course, first priority goes to K-ON!!, because of Azu-nyan :D Sorry, I really like her personality and we can see this season she will become more presidential type, and the way she’s angry is so cute! >_< Following her is obviously Mio, Mugi, Yui and Ric-chan which are also great. I can't wait to see all of them at their last year at school.

    For harem type, I hope AIC producer will not disappointing us for Mayoi Neko Overrun!, like how they released Seto no Hanayome, Special A and Ah! My Goddess TV2 before.

    Already read the latest 3 chapter of this manga, and I stunned with the drawing. Yabuki Kentaro sure knows how to improved his drawing with this manga, although To-Love-Ru was better already.

    For B Gata H Kei, erm…. I don't know, the synopsis is weird. So H stands for hentai or what? Oh well, I still didn't watch, will do so later and judge.

    The others, like Angel Beats, too early to give review but looks promising. For now, 9/10. After all, the facts that its from KEY is enough but who knows? But I'm pretty sure from the first episode makes me want to see the next one.

    For Black Rock Shooter, we can leave it to Farce90 to review it XD (anyway the OVA isn't aired yet)

    Also, don't forget about Kaichou wa Maid-sama, romantic comedy with wonderful drawing from JC Staff will surely become my next collection. :) Also, Working!! is not bad either, their sense of humor is killing me XD

  4. Nooooo, I like Mio better since she is not a stalked up bitch. Well, anyway I think K-ON season 2 will still be a blast (Let us hope). Not a fan of harem type anime nor ecchi since it always lead to a weird plot. Working! is not bad though since you got a mild sense of moe joke.

    • Eeeeh~ XD

      Don’t worry Souza, Mio and Azusa both are my favorite :) You can see my MAL profile for proof, both are included in my top 10 favorite character. For me, I just think Azu-nyan is better because of my selfish type: I prefer neko + small girl type XD

      But for neutral perspective I can say Mio because of her natural talent: Moe, Moe and Moe. Also her shyness, style, scared with painful and horror things, excellent grades and her play as bassist (my favorite instrument) makes her amazing.

      Oh for other who didn’t know, Mio already worn Aquamarine Necklace for this International Saimoe League 2010, the first necklace for this year competition. So Mio have a big chance to become Moe princess this year. XD


      More info :

      Oh, so you’re not into harem type anime, Souza?

    • Sorry for unrelated post, but :

      1. Is BB code cannot be used into comment in WordPress?
      2. Why my comment above state “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Is that because of IMG code / link?

      Sorry for the inconvenience because this blog is the first time I joined under, so I didn’t know a lot of things / rules. :(

      • Yeah, you can’t use BBC in the posts. Really sucks, since it befouls a lot of my posts.

  5. For me, since I almost watch anything that’s not boring.

    THE MUST (Recommended)
    – Arakawa Under The Bridge
    – House of Five Leaves
    – Angel Beats (seriously, if it’s not confusing)
    – Hakuoki shinsengumi
    – K-on 2

    The For fun/LOLS
    – B Gata H Kei (Yukari Tamura FTW)
    – Ichiban Ushiro no Dai maou
    – Hetalia Axis Powers
    – Kaichou wa Maid sama
    – Yutori chan
    – Working

    The Ecchis
    – MAyoi neko Overun
    – Kiss X sis
    – Ikki Tousen XX
    – Shin Koihime musou

    The OVAs
    – Black Rock shooter
    – Mobile suit gundam Unicorn
    – Nodame Cantabile OAD
    – Tales of Symphonia tethe’alla chapter
    – Negima another World
    – Utawarerumono
    – Darker Than black

    As much as it looks I tend to drop the ones that is REALLY boring halfway (ie: Okamikakushi that aired last season), then again the Lols and Ecchis can turn into a “A must watch” if it’s good enough. But this type of watching is turning into a habit lol (Plan to watch 16, drop 5 of them)

  6. Working! is not a harem anime. Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaiou on the other hand is.

    Working! is predominantly a gag anime, the original manga being a 4-koma comedy series.

    @shadowzephyr: H stands for Ecchi, which I believe in the context of this anime stands for horny/perverted.

    • Thanks, but I already knew about that. :) What I mean is H in ‘B Gata H Kei’ is really stands for hentai / ecchi or not.

      From my forum exploration my people stated that it probably means :
      – Perverted B-type gir
      – “B-gata”=Blood Type B; “H-kei”=likes/obsession to H (ecchi)

      For B Gata wiki already stated that in Japan it usually means blood type, so in literacy it called ‘B Type H Series’ (so B Type stands for Blood Type in Japanese Culture)

      • ‘gata’ can also mean type as in, model type. (shingata, new model)
        I personally think for this series, it refers to her bust size.

        If you’ve watched the OP scene, you’ll see that they’ve actually played it out. There’s that circle with a B when Yamada was in the scene, while her close friend had an F. (the rest of the cast also had their sizes)

        Your def. for H-kei is probably accurate.
        My take on that was based on akiba-kei being someone who’s into akiba stuff (anime/manga/otaku sub-culture).
        So H-kei being someone who’s into H stuff sounds about right.

        So yeah, B-sized pervert for me probably fits the series the most.

  7. Just Arakawa under the bridge I guess, this won’t be my season. SHAFT, nuf said.

    Kiss x Sis for those days in which I’m in despair, the OVA’s were pretty lol, so let’s hope the serie’s itself 2.

    Don’t know about K-on 2, I did like S1, tho only because Mio is one hell of a Moe character, I could care less about the other’s.

    Angel beats has spend big cash in commercial purpose shit, but doesn’t really have a strong ‘watching’ point, story line is a bit to simple, for the resources which they have available. The animation’s itself are good non the less.

  8. I didn’t know K-ON! was getting a second season. Balls to the walls hells freaking yeah!

    But that is second on my list since Black Rock Mother F*cking Shooter is premiering. Let’s just hope I don’t get a stroke or an aneurysm from the sheer awesome that is BRS. And I will definitely do a review of it as soon as there is a subbed version. I should probably do a review of the first season of K-ON! too, while I’m at it. I’ll squeeze that in somewhere in the Touhou Series posts. If I wait till that’s finished it’ll be summer already.

  9. “Let’s just hope I don’t get a stroke or an aneurysm from the sheer awesome that is BRS”
    Please don’t, I can’t read your next review later. XD

    Oh I think (if enough information) maybe you can make a review before and after BRS aired, so in the review you can also stated the reason why should other people watch this OVA. :)

    Agree for your last statement. I believe it’s ok to post other thing somewhere in the middle of your Touhou series post, so we can see various thing there and of course it will become more interesting. :)

    So far I will be watching :
    – Angel Beats!
    – Arakawa Under the Bridge
    – Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
    – Kaichou wa Maid-sama!
    – K-ON!!
    – Mayoi Neko Overrun!
    – Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Tairan~
    – Working!!

    Well, for others (such as Hakouki, Rainbow, House of 5 Leaves etc) I need to watch it first before decide to pick.

    For OVA, mostly all of them, especially :
    – Black Rock Shooter
    – Darker Than Black
    – One Piece
    – Nodame Cantabile OAD
    – Negima! Another World
    – Tales of Symphonia
    – To-Love-Ru (aired)
    – Umi Monogatari Special
    – Utawarerumono

    That’s all :P

    • I’m glad you like reading my posts. I thought they were getting a little bland. Well when I get into the character profiles I’ll be able to add a more personal touch to them. I haven’t played any of the shooting Touhou games so I can’t put much of that personal touch into them, except for the two fighting games. My computer cant handle all those bullets at once.

  10. Just watched Hakuoki: Shinsengumi no Kitan and disgusted by the yaoi-ness in the first episode (the main character is a boy who has a girly voice). I’m thinking of dropping this anime. Any other people have a different opinion?

  11. This morning I just watched K-ON!! subbed version (Coalguys). Hmm I don’t know, I think this first episode is giving a little impact compare to the first episode previous season, but overall it’s ok.

    Love the starting part, when Yui practice guitar. Awesome, Yui! :)

    Amazing animation, new music (but ED is awesome), and I like the school anthem xD

    But the costumes, especially buuta, *facepalm*

    Oh I love Mio expression when she’s heard all of them are on the same class. Makes me also want to cry for her (cry of happiness) :)

    For Sawa-chan, I think she looks more lovely (than she should be in manga) :P

    And also I laugh a lot at the part when Ric-chan imagine Azu-nyan as a president xD

    Overall, nice episode, 4.5/5.

    Oh yeah, best scene is when Sawa-chan imagines of all members wearing maid costume, totally cute~ xD

    p/s : oh I forgot, WordPress doesn’t support BBC T-T So, I think I leave the pic link (but weird isn’t it?)

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