Black Rock Shooter Anime Update

I’ve been doing a little research and found out some interesting details about the upcoming Black Rock Shooter anime.

First of all, it’s supposed to air, premiere, whatever, on or around April 25th. It’s being produced by Ordet, a studio made up of individuals from different companies. Most of them worked on previous great animes, such as Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, Lucky Star, and so forth. The director of the project is Yoshioka Shinobu who worked directly on both of the previously mentioned animes.

As for voice actors, they recruited Kana Hanazawa as the voice for Black Rock Shooter herself. However, the name of the character she’s voicing is listed as Kuroi Mato. I’m going to take a guess at it, but I’m going to guess that’s the name of Black Rock Shooter’s schoolgirl counterpart, the girl on the right on the above picture. Kana Hanazawa is one of my favorite voice actors for the simple fact that she voiced Sengoku Nadeko on Bakemonogatari and sang my second favorite opening theme to that anime.

The other voice actor they got is Sawashiro Miyuki, who is also a renowned voice actor. She is playing the voice of what I can only assume is Dead Master’s schoolgirl counterpart on the left, Takanashi Yomi. The two character she voiced that stand out to me the most are Kanbaru Suruga of Bakemonogatari, and Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Doujin Anime: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The anime that will be showing is only one episode, as I don’t imagine that they could develop a whole series out of this without a Bleach amount of filler material. Regardless, I’ll be looking very forward to it and I know I’ll be downloading it once it comes out and is subbed.


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  1. Farce90, let me add a few info. Can I? :)

    First, is about Ordet.

    Ordet is a Japanese Animation Studio, founded by Yutaka Yamamoto in 2007. He was ex-Director of Kyoto Animation, one of the most famous animation studion in Japan which produced popular anime such as Air, Kanon, Clannad, Lucky Star, Suzumiya Haruhi and now K-ON!. Yutaka was fired by the Kyoto employer during the production of Lucky Star, and then founded the Ordet company with his former staff.

    Currently there are 5 known staff, including Yutaka, which are :

    * Yutaka Yamamoto – Company representative director, founder, staff director
    * Shinobu Yoshioka – Staff director
    * Satoshi Kadowaki – Animation director, key animator
    * Emi Kesamaru – Art settings, background artist
    * Yoko Takada – Key animator

    Also, Ordet already did works with various company since founded, most famous anime includes Shana 2nd season (second opening), Sketchbook full ColorS (staff director) and Kannagi (Production assistant).

    The ironic thing is, Yutaka was the Director for some episode of most popular anime released by KyoAni such as Air (episode 2,5,8), Fullmetal Panic (2, 9), Suzumiya Haruhi (1, 9, and a few episode as Storyboard Director), and lots more anime before being fired after four episodes directing Lucky Star, due to “performance issues.” He tried to get his job back, but no hope. So he founded Ordet.

    His next project is Black Rock Shooter, an anime based on the most popular Vocaloid diva Hatsune Miku (and the anime are also based from her song with same name as well). Yutaka will be supervising director, and Shinobu will become the director.

    This anime will become the first Ordet solo production as the animation studio.

    More info :

    I felt pity for him, and I can’t see what part did KyoAni said from episode 1-4 Lucky Star which are not good. Just for 4 episodes and he was fired? What about his previous work? (but my favorite animation company is still KyoAni of course)
    So, let’s support him and his company by the release of this BRS and the merchandise. :D

  2. The second will be the seiyuu we’re talking about, which is Hanazawa Kana. Although she’s yet become my most favorite seiyuu, I admit that she will. :)

    She was known for being the seiyuu for various anime character, with various style. Including Kuroi Mato from BRS, there are 15 anime character voiced by her that are main character from the anime itself, for example :

    – Tenshi from Angel Beats!
    – Ikagura Kagome from Asu no Yuichi! (such a cute voiced xD)
    – Amano Touko from Aoi Bungaku
    – Pavlichenko Suou from Darker Than Black 2nd
    – Sonohara Anri from Durarara!!
    – Zange from Kannagi (same company with Ordet)
    – Hanato Kobato from Kobato (this is also her best voice xD)
    – Kusano from Sekirei (kawaii =))
    – Kajiwara Sora from Sketchbook full ColorS (also same company)
    – Henaro from Tower of Druaga 2nd

    Those are the main roles, I’m still not mention her as supporting character, like Farce90 mentioned Sengoku Nadeko, Yuuki Mikan from To-Love-Ru (my favorite imouto xP), Shalon from Pandora Hearts (also the best ones xD) and lot’s, lot’s more.

    [I think after this post I will makes her as my favorite seiyuu in MAL XD]

    For BRS, she will voiced as Kuroi Mato as stated by Farce90, and yup, Kuroi Mato is the right one from the picture, the real name of Black Rock Shooter.

    More info :

    Sorry for the long post, as I’m also eager for this anime, because both Vocaloid and Touhou produces a lot of wonderful songs and lovely characters, and suddenly becomes my obsession. :)

    • Hmm ok, a little misunderstanding there. What I want to say above was the anime was created based on the PV of the BRS, which made for the song of the same name, performed by Hatsune Miku.

      Yes, the truth that BRS that we see today slightly same with Hatsune Miku which is the twin pigtails part, and it was because of Miku herself.

      I thought that the song of BRS was released first, and then the PV itself, popularized by Nico Nico Douga and after that Youtube.

      Actually, the first design of BRS was created by Huke, before joined the Supercell. Ryo, the member of Supercell, gained inspiration after seeing the Huke works, and created the BRS song like we heard today. Because of the song performed by Miku, Huke made a slight adjustment for final BRS design, which is the twin pigtails. And lastly the song was submitted to Nico Nico Douga.

  3. That’s a lot of information. I probably would’ve added a lot more but it was going on midnight by the time I made the post. Thanks for the info though.

    And one more thing about Black Rock Shooter. BRS herself is not based off of Hatsune Miku. It was just a coincidence. The only relationship between the two is the hair and the fact that Miku sang Black Rock Shooter. Black Rock Shooter came before Hatsune Miku, I believe. I don’t know if I mentioned this before or not.

    • It alright. And you have a lot of information. You’d make a good co-author, though I think we have enough for the time being.

  4. is this anime going to be something like..OVA or Movie thing?
    then I suppose it won’t be made as a serial though :o

  5. It’s so lame having to sit through so many horrible Anime. Like 80% of Anime are either Drama, or Harem. What happened to all the good Action Anime being made in the late 90s/early 2000s? It’s so disappointing having to sit through Anime you hate, trying to find one you do, and even then, it’s so rare, you end up settling for the “meh” stuff anyway. (Possibly because of lack of decent Anime)

    • So I heard. Just too bad there won’t be any subs, I can’t read Japanese, and I can’t actually watch it on the site since I can’t navigate it or watch anything without an account. I can’t read Japanese so I can’t make an account. I’ll just wait for it to show up on some anime site and watch it there in English. I am totally psyched for it though.

  6. Only one episode? D: o_O …. I just watched it and it diddnt really make sense o.o … There were tons of plot holes that weren’t filled by the end of the episode… Like (sorry spoiler) what happened to Yomi? .. and why did she suddenly appear at the end? Also what do the girls in one world have to do with the girls in the other world? … And why did Yomi dissapear in the first place??? … so confused o.o

  7. the first episode of the black rock shooter is beautiful… it shows how friendship is so important and it inspire me so much… ^^

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