Desktop Goodies: Hatsune Miku Clock 2

I got to say that this is the largest skin I’ve ever made in terms of memory consumption. A lot of animation is used although it is still inferior compared to the original one in flash. It’s also hard to convert from flash to Rainmeter skin. There still minor bug in this skin that some of the features have to be dropped. However, it still preserves its main function in responding to mp3 song play and clicking on the clock to know what time it is (In Miku’s voice). I’ll state the bug in the skin description (Hopefully, you guys can give the solution to the problem since I got a dead end on this skin). Anyway, here’s the best thing I can do for now. I hope it’s enough for at least to be on your desktop. Thanks.

Skin Name: Hatsune Miku Clock 2

File Size: 2.9 MB

Color Theme: Light Blue


Version 1.3:

Bugs: When the music plays, Miku will show her startle face. However, the animation is random because of the counter doesn’t reset to 1 (So you can get her full startle face animation, but sometime it’s just the middle or nothing at all). Sound file played in parallel, to mitigate this I added a delay by using counter variable. However, the delay varies since the counter doesn’t reset to 1.


– Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. To maximize the skin performance you have to install Rainmeter 1.2 Happy downloading!

– For those who are having a problem in Miku’s disappearing when playing your Winamp (speaker_ftd, killer.exe, Sammy, Timberwolf357, kiyoshi onii-chan, miauww case) please download the skin’s 1.3 version (There is another link below the original download link) and this applies to those who has Rainmeter 1.3 or above.

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  1. Farce90 says:

    I think I’ve seen this clock floating around on a few other sites, but actually being used as a clock. It will display the time and when it’s clicked on, Miku will wake up and say the time in japanese.

    1. anonimus says:

      but anyway its great xD

      1. Farce90 says:


  2. Feletroica says:

    Great Skin. Congrats.

    i found a problem/bug.

    When the clock goes to PM (from 13:00 to 24:00) Hatsune only tell the minutes. it seems that voice files to those hours doesn’t came in the folder.

    and another thing; where i can click to make it play the music?


    1. Okay, I’ll fix it right away. Unfortunately, there is no button to play the music. You have to open winamp manually and play the music so Miku can wake up and dance.

  3. Fixed. Now you can download a better skin in the version 1.1 link. However, you will need Rainmeter 1.2 for that.

  4. Amuro Ray says:

    i have a problem, when i click the clock, miku only get animated, but no miku’s voice appeared. The only voice i hear is windows default “ding”. Can You help me?

    1. Which skin version are you using? And what Rainmeter version are you using?

      1. Amuro Ray says:

        skin version 1.1 and rainmeter 1.2 and using windows 7. Gimana nie bro?

  5. That’s strange, I use the same Rainmeter version and the skin I downloaded from the link and it works fine with me.

  6. Deko says:

    this is strange

    I have rainmeter 1.2 and I’m using the 1.1 version..but everytme i click on “LOAD” button it doesn’t work….

  7. Deko says:

    now…srry about this…I got Miku to show up but now I can’t make her talk…dunno why but the voice doesn’t come out…

  8. chaos_kun says:

    i have a problem too……..i cant make her talk
    when i click the clock my pc make a “ding,ding” sound like that
    please can u fix this cuz i like this skin

  9. I don’t know what to fix, man. In my computer it works perfectly. You use the 1.1 skin version right?

  10. chaos_kun says:

    i use 1.2 version but miku still cant talk……
    i dunno what the hell is wrong…….
    please donk bantuin…… cuz aq suka banget miku
    maybe you can give me another link
    i use windows XP

  11. No, I mean the skin version your using is 1.1 right. Not the Rainmeter version your using.

  12. chaos_kun says:

    so i must use skin 1.0 and rainmeter 1.2?

    1. You should use 1.1 skin version with 1.2 version Rainmeter.

  13. alicenyan says:

    Keeps getting CRC file corrupt everytime I download this.

    1. That’s OK. Yours is only CRC at folder sleep/8.png right? That’s still handle the skin to show up perfectly. Anyway, I’ll edit the link just in case.

  14. speaker_ftd says:

    this skin is brilliant. i am having a problem tho. whenever i play winamp she gets startled but instead of dancing she simply disappears. only the clock stays. once i turn off the music she comes back with the sleeping animation. i am using rainmeter 1.2

    1. killer.exe says:

      Same problem here :(

    2. Sammy says:

      Same here ;)

  15. Sammy says:

    My Miku doesn’t dance but it is all good she is still CUTE X3

  16. averx says:

    Hi, i tried to edit your [MeasureWinampDisplay]
    like this… (not really Edit, just sort the order.. and it solve the problem miku dance)
    But there’s slightly double image of miku when the song started.

    WindowClass=Winamp v1.x
    WindowMessage=1024 0 104
    IfEqualAction=!execute [!RainmeterShowMeter StartleMeter] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterHideMeter ImageMeter] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure ImageNumberCalc] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure SongNumberCalc] [!RainmeterShowMeter SongMeter] IfBelowValue=1
    IfBelowAction=!execute [!RainmeterHideMeter StartleMeter] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterShowMeter ImageMeter] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure ImageNumberCalc] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure SongNumberCalc] [!RainmeterHideMeter SongMeter]
    IfAboveAction=!execute [!RainmeterHideMeter StartleMeter] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterShowMeter ImageMeter] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure ImageNumberCalc] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure SongNumberCalc] [!RainmeterHideMeter SongMeter]

    1. killer.exe says:

      It works!! THX a lot :)

  17. I hope that solved the problem since I have no idea what’s wrong. I have mine working well in my desktop.

  18. kazehayashota says:

    hey can u make a kuronuma sawako rainmeter theme please that has a clock and calender Thank you ^^

  19. kazehayashota says:

    hey can u make a kuronuma sawako rainmeter theme please that has a clock and calender Thank you very much ^^

    1. I’ll try to find the appropriate picture. Maybe you can help?

      1. Kazehayashot says:

        this one :3

  20. Anonymous says:

    Inb4 thx for taking up the suggestion to make it.

    Regards, the one who gave the flash file…:p

  21. Anonymous says:

    Btw, I pretty much forgotten about it till i decided to check it out and i was suprised…xD..

    Oh, and there isn’t suppose to have a black spot on her hair…maybe the flashfile missing the file?

    And, averx, it does fix it, i had to click the clock, to change it to miku dancing mode, prob is how to change it back to sleepin Miku after the song ended…:p…(without editing it back)

    And lastly thanks to Souza for taking this ridiculously hard/largest skin request(seeing some bugs here and there) some months ago which I probably forgotten myself.

  22. Timberwolf357 says:

    Hi I just got rainmeter 1.3, and when I play a song in winamp, her singing animation doesn’t show up anymore. Way back when I’m using 1.2 it was still there. Can you look into this?

    1. Farce90 says:

      It probably just a compatibility issue. Souza will have to put in the final word.

  23. SunCrystal says:

    PLZ HELP! I really want this rainmeter and I have downloaded rainmeter 1.3 and everytime I download this rainmeter and I follow the steps and I did everything and when I open it only the normal rainmeter shows up without Hatsune Miku or anything else that comes with it (crying right now *) PLZ HELP! I need full details cus I really want 2 use this rainmeter PLZ PLZ PLZ?

    1. So is there HatsuneMikuClock2 on your Rainmeter config? And can you click the .ini file?

  24. SonicXPS2 says:

    I changed the code to this

    it skips the startling though but no double images :P

    WindowClass=Winamp v1.x
    WindowMessage=1024 0 104
    IfEqualAction=!execute [!RainmeterHideMeter ImageMeter] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure ImageNumberCalc] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterHideMeter StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure SongNumberCalc] [!RainmeterShowMeter SongMeter]
    IfBelowAction=!execute [!RainmeterHideMeter StartleMeter] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure SongNumberCalc] [!RainmeterHideMeter SongMeter] [!RainmeterShowMeter ImageMeter] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure ImageNumberCalc]
    IfAboveAction=!execute [!RainmeterHideMeter StartleMeter] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure StartleNumberCalc] [!RainmeterDisableMeasure SongNumberCalc] [!RainmeterHideMeter SongMeter] [!RainmeterShowMeter ImageMeter] [!RainmeterEnableMeasure ImageNumberCalc]

    1. silent_scream says:

      it work but looks like something is missing is it? the startle expression. btw, this is helpful, thanks.

  25. Rin says:

    How do you change the time??? xD

    1. kazasou says:

      You don’t have to. Time is already changing as it is XD

  26. cesar says:

    I use the rescue version 2.0 and it does not speak noises error when you click on it

  27. kiyoshi onii-chan says:

    ano…. when i play my winamp, my miku is gone only the clock left?

    1. miauww says:

      yup i’m having this problem too ( TT^TT)
      ..using rainmeter 2 though..

      tasukette kuree.. want to see miku sing when i play music <3

  28. Pingback: Anonymous
  29. Ummm I downloaded it from the mediafire link that your posted and it downloaded a winrar file. I extracted it but where is the acturally startupexe. file. All I am seeing is the point, sing, sleep, startle, tras, and a bunch of other files.. >_< please help!!!

    :3 thanks

    1. kazasou says:

      For god sake, please read the note.

      1. Well I finally got it figured out but now i’m having that problem other people were having. She shows up on the desktop sleeping but when you click on her she shows her animation but she doesn’t talk. All I here is the “ding, ding, ding” sound and then she goes back to sleep. It says i’m using Rainmeter 2.0. -_- Now what? :O Btw I took your answer in the mean way. :(

      2. kazasou says:

        Did you change the folder name (HatsuneMikuClock2)?

  30. miauww says:

    awhh.. so there’s no other option other than downgrade to 1.3 then? OTL

    btw using the code that SonicXPS2 write above my miku now can sing when there’s song playing in winamp even in rainmeter ver 2.1 (i’m using that ver now) but it skip the startle animation though..

    any hope i can get the startle too? can’t decide between startle animation and rain ver 2.x, i want it bothh! xD (i’m such a greedy bastard am i?)

    anyway thx for the nice rain skin its so <3 .. (still crossfing finger for the startle fix xP)

    1. kazasou says:

      No no no, I mean download the skin’s version 1.3 not downgrade your Rainmeter (You can see there is another additional link below the download.

      1. miauww says:

        oh my gosh it works! ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪ ty ty ty ty awwhhh its soo cute now <3 tyvm souza <3 <3

  31. kairi says:

    I am currently using rainmeter 2.0.. the only problem I have on Miku is that everytime I click the clock, she doesn’t talk and it’s only the “ding” sound.. I am using the version 1.3..
    She also don’t sing nor get startle.. all she do is sleep.. Help please..

  32. kairi says:

    I was able to fix the sing and startle but my only problem is now is that everytime I press the clock she doesn’t talk

  33. Baka Neko says:

    hye, miku can speak vry well for me, now is the thing, i cant see her startled tho i played an mp3 file, ima using this to play my mp3:
    pls help thx :D

    1. kazasou says:

      You have to use Winamp.

      1. Baka Neko says:

        thx :D

  34. y u no says:

    i wonder if someone can port this to sidebar gadget :D

  35. newcomer says:

    i downloaded the version 1.3 and using latest rainmeter but still miku will not talk when i click the clock although theres animation for it need help

    1. kazasou says:

      Did you change the name of the folder?

  36. newcomer says:

    which folder do i need to change?

  37. newcomer says:

    okay problem solved thanks

  38. lolinyan says:

    excuse me , i used Window Vista for my laptop and i download this already after i install it then what? i dont see any miku clock on my desktop , if i should move it first which file i should click?

    1. kazasou says:

      Refer to the Rainmeter section on how to install.

  39. scoonus says:

    She doesn’t react to the music at all for me. Will tell the time when I click the clock, but I don’t think that is working properly either :S

    1. scoonus says:

      *reads description
      Oops…sorry to bother you…

  40. Riana says:

    It seems I am not the only one who is having trouble with Miku not speaking. I click on the clock, but the only sound is the windows error “ding”. Some people have fixed it by changing the folder right? Which folder do I change and what do I change it to. The skin is currently in HatsuneMikuClock2_ver1.3 –> HatsuneMikuClock2 and I have tried both 1.0 and 1.3 of the miku clock with several different versions of Rainmaker, including the newest 2.3, 1.2, and 1.3…

    1. unknown says:

      i have the same proplem too

  41. Stev says:

    i have trouble miku speaking “ding” only . is this need a winamp ?
    my version skin 1.3 and rainmeter 2.5 thanks before

  42. arif hermawan says:

    i got a problem here
    miku doesn’t speak really well
    she only speak like this

    “kuji ….. *ding* ….. gofun” (at 9.35 PM)
    “goji ….. *ding* ….. ippun” (at 05.11 PM)

    help me please…

  43. Dzaka Wally says:

    how to install this ??

  44. why it can’t open??? i have to download rainmeter but it still didn’t work.. can u help me??

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