Touhou 7 – Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom Gameply Video

A little while ago, literally less than an hour before making this post, I recorded a video of me playing a little bit of Perfect Cherry Blossom. I was hoping to make a full gameplay set of videos for Youtube and I thought I’d take the liberty of posting on here both for entertainment and for feedback purposes. First and foremost, I need to know if the framerate is acceptable or not, as I am neutral to it. It’s better than most but worse than most too so I need some verification. Feedback is much appreciated. And just a fair warning, I do swear quite frequently. I hope you all enjoy and check out my Youtube page for more gameplay videos if you’re interested. My username is Farce13. The audio level on this video is pretty low, thanks to my horrible mic, so you might want to turn your sound up for this.


5 responses to “Touhou 7 – Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom Gameply Video

  1. Eh, all I can recommend to you is practice, nobody was born with a silly hat, a frilly dress, and the ability to dodge bullets. Watching replays is also recommended.

    Also, if you want to record a game, use Fraps or Tasksi.

    • Fraps costs money that I don’t have, and the trial only records 30 second clips. I’ll definitely check out Tasksi, though. And thanks for the feedback.

  2. hi been a follower of ur blog for a while now ^^
    could u post a link to dowload the game? i notice u have it in english the one i have its on japanese i just done not even a word they say xD
    btw nice work with the rainmeter stuff ^^b

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