Farce 90’s Post Series – Part 21: Shoot the Bullet

Holy crap, has it been awhile. Two weeks? Something like that. Sorry for the delay but I’ll be picking this back up again and making up for the lack of posts. I had a lot of crap I had to sort and get out of the way and make my life a whole lot more easy. But on to the good stuff.

Shoot the Bullet is the nine and-a-half(th) game in the Touhou and was meant to be a tie in to a print work called Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red, but that’s not important for now. Shoot the Bullet is probably the most unique danmaku game to come into existence, at least as far as I have seen. There is only one playable character in this game, Aya Shameimaru. She also doesn’t shoot at all. Instead the point of the game is to take photos of the bosses and their fantastic bullet patterns. Aya’s reasoning behind not shooting is that she “doesn’t want her bullets in the picture.” This puts a whole different twist on the game when it comes to just straight up dodge and shoot. Instead Aya has other techniques like film reloading and defensive shots that go above the typical games.

The gameplay itself is very unique. Aya has three different movement speeds and three different “shot” modes. For starters, Aya has a faster than average movement speed when in a standard non-focused mode. She also has a focus mode and a charge mode. Before Aya can do anything her camera must be charged to 100%. After that there are many different things that can be done. Aya can either take a picture of the boss or of enemies and bullets surrounding her to clear them out. Any picture that doesn’t include a boss is considered a failure and is discarded but will still grant point bonuses. In order to clear a stage a certain number of successful photos must be taken. The game also feature 10 stages and an extra stage and they all have multiple scenes that must be completed to unlock further stages.

This game also doesn’t really have a plot that I could find. Nobody knows the purpose of the pictures except for Aya. I personally suspect that she uses them in her popular Bunbunmaru Newspaper.

On a side note, all of the music from this game is fantastic.


5 responses to “Farce 90’s Post Series – Part 21: Shoot the Bullet

  1. A truly unique one from the series. Personally, I’ve gotten up to level 5, but I think I can do more. At this point, it’s just memorization rather than skill.
    As it turns out, Aya’s Newspaper isn’t actually popular, which is why, or rather, because her articles are so exaggerated.
    The recent Touhou 12.5: Double Spoiler has been great with its additions of gameplay elements though.

    • Sure. On my gameplay video for Perfect Cherry Blossom I have a link to the site I got mine from. I’ll include the other ones as well. I just have to try and remember where I got Imperishable Night from, but yeah, I’ll do it.

    • I’ve had trouble trying to get my hands on working downloads for the games past Imperishable Night but I’ll keep trying. And do you want them as videos like what I did with Perfect Cherry Blossom?

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