Giant Killing — At Last, A Real Soccer Anime

I got to say that this anime wasn’t the first priority for me to watch this season. And to think I was going to watch Hakuoki instead of this one is just preposterous.

For you who love action anime with realistic theme in it, I recommend Giant Killing. A soccer theme anime which to me is just interesting to watch, given the the realistic theme in this anime. There is no such impossible burning shot or shot that pierce through the goal net. I’ll say it bluntly, this anime is no Captain Tsubasa nor Prince of Tennis, which makes this anime so special.

The quite exaggerating part of this anime probably the coach, Tatsumi, who formerly coached the Eastham and successfully bring the team to the FA cup. However, that exaggeration wasn’t an exaggeration since the team lost to a premiere league team. That background is necessary for Tatsumi to be considered as the next coach of East Tokyo United. Well, the story goes on and I can only suggest that you watch it yourself.

Anyway, the action where the actual soccer match begin is pretty realistic. You will only see Tatsumi brilliancy in handling the team with pretty much realistic soccer strategy. Anyway, I’ve been dreaming for an excellent sports theme anime after Slam Dunk and Hungry Heart, and this anime settles my thirst. A great sports anime with realistic yet entertaining plot.


3 responses to “Giant Killing — At Last, A Real Soccer Anime

  1. Yeah, I like what the series presumes to do. I just hope they don’t run out of time once again and have got to end the series when it is just attaining the climax…like with Sora no Woto. I also wouldn’t spot it on the same level as Yojouhan, but maybe second or 3rd among all the anime this season. It has guts and it is fun to observe. A small spot of Bond, a tiny bit of Indie Jones…It’s simply pretty intriguing and I haven’t seen some anime have that combination.

  2. ^ [i]Sora no Woto[/i] didn’t run out of time. Considering that it is an animation original series, the whole thing has been planned from the start.

    In any case, I don’t watch the animation counterpart, but the [i]Giant Killing[/i] comic is indeed an enjoyable read. It focuses more on team maintaining and managerial politics rather than the usual mish-mash-of-talented-people-with-personal-issues most of sport stories seem to dwell on. The team being in a professional league and not some high-school team/U-17 is also a welcome aspect.

    PS: Can you believe that [i]Hungry Heart[/i] was created by the same author as [i]Captain Tsubasa[/i]? Such… mood disparity…

  3. Ah, it’s been a while since your last comment on this blog, McDuck. Yeah, too bad I’m too lazy to read the manga version. However, the anime seems sufficient for me (unless they end it in the middle with dangling story, then I have to look for the manga).

    I didn’t know that Hungry Heart author is the same as Captain Tsubasa. I could’ve swear that Hungry Heart is far more realistic than the latter.

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