Google Chrome Theme: Black Rock Shooter

This is my first try in authoring custom made Google Chrome Theme so I’ll look into authoring more themes if  you like this skin (and if you use Google Chrome also^^). Anyway, this is a black rock shooter google chrome theme and yes, you have to use Google Chrome to apply this theme. Have fun!

Skin Name: Black Rock Shooter

File Size: 2.8 MB

Color Theme: Brown, Black, Dark Grey


Note: You have to have Google Chrome browser to use this theme. After the download progress has finished, just double click it on the download list and the theme will be installed.

An additional note if your computer don’t detect crx file, just right click on the file and pick “Open With”. If you install Google Chrome without editing the path, the application will be on “C:\Users\KazaSOU\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application”. Note that KazaSOU is the current user who installed the google chrome. Anyway, pick chrome.exe as your default program for opening crx file and then you can just double click again to install the theme.


23 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Black Rock Shooter

  1. Your theme is really awesome but i think you should concentrate more on the upper part of the browser (like the k-on theme on the google theme site) because it’s not all the time you use the new tab page but another websites

  2. Wow, I really like what you did here! It’s a nice change to my Keion theme ^_^ I can’t find anything nice to replace it.

  3. Very nicely done. Shame I’m a massive FireFox fanboy though. Have you thought about doing FF themes?

    And I want to take a quick second to apologize for not making any posts recently, but I had more things come up and I’ve been pretty sick the last few days. I’ll try and squeeze more in though.

  4. Aaaah…..Firefox is Kute…..(Downloading…) But but…Google Chrome has BRS Skinz….(Installing Google Chrome)……I _< KYAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa….. *Bear Hug Firefox* I'll try my best to get bore of BRS skinz as fast as possible, then I'll come back to you…. ^,….,^ *Sniff sniff*

  5. I was really wrong that Google Chrome wouldn’t be this better than FF and the skin is a plus. I hope you make more using Hakurei Reimu from Touhou, and the other vocaloids as well.

  6. im having a bit of trouble installing all the other themes on my google work but Black rock shooter doesnt says utilitys crash
    but it doesnt crash with the others any idea why that is?

  7. in this picture how did u set up your bookmark links? or fav links I see the links in vertical order. Can you tell me how do u do that? I don’t like the links going sideways…

  8. How come it doesn’t work anymore? I used to come here and it worked perfectly fine but now its not. Is there anyway I can download this again because something happened to my google chrome and I always used this as my theme. I’d really like this as my theme again. Thanks in advance.

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