Farce90’s Post Series: Part 22 – Mountain of Faith

If anyone knows a way to add in sound files directly from the computer into the post, please let me know.

On to the main topic though, the new post. The next game in the series is Touhou Fuujinroku – Mountain of Faith, and yes I memorized the romanji names for the Touhou games.

After playing through this the first time I noticed that it was really easy compared to the rest, especially Perfect Cherry Blossom.  There are also a handful of changes that were made to this game, most of which I didn’t like too much. The first one is the Bomb system which doesn’t have bombs anymore. Instead you can use a “bomb” at the cost of one power level. The bombs don’t even clear off all the bullets and only lasts for a few seconds compared to ones from older games which could last somewhere around a dozen or so seconds. The second change is the way the character shoots and how they power up. Instead of adding more bullets, you get “options” which are little orbs or some such that will stay near your character and shoot depending on the mode chosen. Options are limited to 4. There are only 2 characters as well, Marisa and Reimu.

Now for the story. Faith in Gensokyo is ever decreasing and Reimu isn’t too pleased about it. In an effort to find an answer she departs for the Youkai Mountain. The first obstacle encountered is the Aki Sisters, Shizuha and Minoriko, who are the gods of harvest. They warn Reimu of the dangers ahead, but are ignored and beat down because Reimu is Reimu. A little further along the way she meets Hina Kagiyama who has complete control of misfortune and for some reason is usually seen spinning. She also issues Reimu a warning and attempts to chase her off but is beat down instead. As our heroine presses onward she happens to stumble upon everyone’s favorite inventive kappa, Nitori Kawashiro. Again, a warning is issued but is completely ignored and a beatdown ensues. Nitori submits and points her upstream towards a waterfall. After encountering and smacking Inubashiri Momiji up a bit Aya Shameimaru joins in for a little fun.  She was sent to investigate by the tengu society but also falls victim to Reimu.

Reimu proceeds onwards to the Moriya shrine which was set up only recently. It was brought from the outside world along with a lake. Sanae Kochiya, the rival shrine maiden, swore to collect all the faith in Gensokyo for her god, Yasaka Kanako. Sanae puts up a strong fight but stands no chance. Reimu moves around to the back of the shrine where the lake is and meets with Kanako and demands she cease her actions at once. She, of course, declines and a maginificent battles commences. She eventually falls as well, without surprise.

After carrying about her days as usual, sweeping and sipping tea, rumor spreads to Reimu that there is another god at the Moriya Shrine. Reimu again sets out to see if this is true. Kanako intercepts her again and tries to chase her off to no avail. Upon reaching the inner sanctum of the shrine they find Suwako Moriya. She demands that Reimu play with her the same way she did with Sanae and Kanako – with danmaku.

All in all, I have to say it’s decent but I much prefer the other games, even Phantasmagoria of Flower View. The next post will be much better and is the first game I ever owned from the Touhou series. Touhou 10.5 – Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. I’ll have that up in the next few days.


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