Google Chrome Theme: Persona 3

A rather girlish theme for today’s Google Chrome Theme. It’s from Persona 3 and I got a pinkish picture for the background so I guess I go along with the theme as well. I think I will make another one (a more darker one), if I get the right picture. Anyway, enjoy this theme for now, guys (If you liked it^^).

Skin Name: Persona 3

File Size: 1.13 MB

Color Theme: Pink



You have to have Google Chrome browser to use this theme. After the download progress has finished, just double click it on the download list and the theme will be installed.

An additional note if your computer don’t detect crx file, just right click on the file and pick “Open With”. If you install Google Chrome without editing the path, the application will be on “C:\Users\KazaSOU\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application”. Note that KazaSOU is the current user who installed the google chrome. Anyway, pick chrome.exe as your default program for opening crx file and then you can just double click again to install the theme.


15 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Persona 3

  1. awesome! i found your site by looking up chrome persona themes, you have the only one. its good. a little pink for me but my wife loves it. yes a dark one would be aahsome. perhaps shin megami tensei nocturne? anyway nice job!

  2. You can run a diagnostic using google chrome and compare the memory consumption of Mozilla Firefox. Just type about:memory on the Google Chrome browser. Just a reference for you if you are geek enough to consider faster browser application, haha.

  3. Cool! I just downloaded it and it worked! No need to install or so since its automatic!

    How do you make his themes? Could you teach me?

      • I personally LOVE this one and would die to see it in this theme.
        And can I suggest a nice deep blue for the interface (like his hair? lmao). I know you’re a huge fan of these games (as am I) and when I saw that you made the first theme pink… I was kinda like lolwat. It’d be like making a persona 4 theme red despite the game throwing yellow in your face 24/7.

        Just a suggestion, I love your work and I would love even more to see this done soon. <3

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