Google Chrome Theme: Yui Hirasawa

Alright, before the weekend comes I would like to thank you for trying out my custom google chrome theme. It’s seems the themes I created are quite a hit. And therefore, I’m encourage to do more of this kind of custom theme for web browser theme. About firefox theme, I’m still thinking about it (since I’m not a firefox devotee). We’ll see if I can come up with the time to read firefox documentation. Either way, happy weekend guys.

Skin Name: Yui Hirasawa

File Size: 277 KB

Color Theme: Grey & White



You have to have Google Chrome browser to use this theme. After the download progress has finished, just double click it on the download list and the theme will be installed.

An additional note if your computer don’t detect crx file, just right click on the file and pick “Open With”. If you install Google Chrome without editing the path, the application will be on “C:\Users\KazaSOU\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application”. Note that KazaSOU is the current user who installed the google chrome. Anyway, pick chrome.exe as your default program for opening crx file and then you can just double click again to install the theme.


3 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Yui Hirasawa

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  2. This is my FAVORITE one so far! I’m actually going to start using it soon.

    What other themes do you plan on making? I would love a Lucky Star or another moe one. But I look forward to whatever you make make no matter what it is.

  3. Love this, but doesn’t seem to work on mac computers… missing a folder or two in the CRX_Install folder…

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