Farce90’s Post Series – Part 23: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

Behold! I have finally returned with a new post. I would have put this up sooner but I just started my new job and it’s been murder on my schedule lately.

Today’s post is one that I have long been awaiting. It Touhou 10.5 Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, one of the handful of fighting games which was co-produced by Tasogare Frontier. This also has one of my favorite title themes, second only to the patch later released for this game which is another game in itself.

The plot to this game is a standard incident in the world of Gensokyo but it plays out differently depending on which character is chosen, and there are a lot of playable characters, including two new ones to the Touhou universe. The weather lately has been highly unusual and never stays the same for more than a while at a time. It can be sunny one minute, rainy the next, and then hail a little later or something along those lines. This causes several residents of Gensokyo to act and try to solve the incident. Reimu’s case is especially vengeful as her shrine has been destroyed by a highly localized but very strong earthquake that effected only her shrine and nothing else. Depending on which character is chosen the characters that you fight along the way change, but the last three are always the same.

Somewhere along the line the heroine deduces that the problem lies in the heavens where the celestials live. The only way to get there though is to climb the tengu’s mountain and Aya Shameimaru isn’t too inclined to let anyone trespass upon her territory. After trumping Aya and making her way into the clouds it is there that the messenger of the gods, Iku Nagae is encountered. She issues a warning that there will be a massive earthquake that threatens to destroy most if not all of Gensokyo. Assuming that the problem is Iku our heroine beats her down but finds she is not the problem and that the real solution lies higher up. A small ways further Tenshi Hinanai is encountered and found to be the root of all the problems. She has been gathering energy from the hearts of everyone in Gensokyo which has been causing the strange weather, but her real goal is to create a large earthquake. Why? She simply wanted to enjoy fighting with the residents of Gensokyo like she has observed everyone else doing down on the ground. She is taken down and the problem is resolved.

Enough about the story, now on to the game mechanics. There are two main types of attacks that can be done. Physical attacks and two different branches of ranged attacks, weak and strong ones. Dashes can be executed to graze past projectiles. There is still a spell card system put in place, though it is more in depth. The more powerful a spell is the more cards are needed to use it. A deck can also be customized to have different cards in it, though it is limited to 20 maximum. The music in the game is good but not great. There are at least 7 tracks that are basically the same but just slightly remixed from the original and will tend to get on your nerves as it did mine. All in all it’s a great game. I’ll leave you off with a list of playable characters and will pick up with Subterranean Animism at a later date.

Hakurei Reimu

Marisa Kirisame

Sakuya Izayoi

Alice Margatroid

Patchouli Knowledge

Youmu Konpaku

Remilia Scarlet

Yuyuko Saigyouji

Yukari Yakumo

Suika Ibuki

Reisen Udongein Inaba

Aya Shameimaru

Komachi Onozuka

Iku Nagae

Tenshi Hinanai


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