Touhou Wallpaper Pack 7

Alright, time for another wallpaper pack I guess since I haven’t come up with a new one for ages (and also it’s a slow day and I got nothing to do in the office. So, another Touhou wallpaper pack on the dock and this makes it the seventh wallpaper pack of Touhou. Do enjoy guys!

Zipped File Download – Wallpaper Pack 7.rar


18 responses to “Touhou Wallpaper Pack 7

  1. Awwwwww….no Download Link… T^T Can you upload them on Mediafire link plz…. I want ‘moar’ Anime Wallpaper… Moar….MOAR~!! :3 Thanks for the collection. I’m not good at finding wallpapers on Konachan. Most of them are from….. H-Games….which is cool..but can’t be use as wallpapers. >_<

  2. you are awesome!!! it’s amazing that you can make such astonishing wallpapers!! >_<
    i look forward to future wallpapers! ^_^

  3. LOVE THESE IMG PACKS!!! thanks so much for finding them and compileing them into a folder!

  4. The download doesn’t start in Firefox or Safari, but the other six packs you have uploaded work just fine…

  5. No good on Google Chrome, and I’m not about to launch IE. Could you reupload if you have time?

  6. I already said the other six packs download without a problem. It’s not a problem with my network.

    I click the DL link, it says the download is starting, and then the page refreshes. Every time.

    • Or maybe there is a download restriction on mediafire on whether how large you download a file on their server. Perhaps, try to wait for a couple of hours and try to download again. Feedback me once you’ve done this and I will try to reupload.

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