Google Chrome Theme: Durarara!!

Alright, a new Google Chrome Theme is on the dock. It’s Durarara!! and all of you Durarara!! fans out there, this is your theme for your Google chrome. I made it red since I haven’t made one with such color yet. So, do enjoy the theme!

Skin Name: Durarara!!

File Size: 565 KB

Color Theme: Red



You have to have Google Chrome browser to use this theme. After the download progress has finished, just double click it on the download list and the theme will be installed.

An additional note if your computer don’t detect crx file, just right click on the file and pick “Open With”. If you install Google Chrome without editing the path, the application will be on “C:\Users\KazaSOU\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application”. Note that KazaSOU is the current user who installed the google chrome. Anyway, pick chrome.exe as your default program for opening crx file and then you can just double click again to install the theme.


11 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Durarara!!

  1. i can’t install them.. i already follow what you say but in “Open With” there is no Google Chrome.. and so with manually open folder :D

  2. Did you download it with Chrome?
    If you did it should pop up at your bottem, with a messages saying; something like: ”Extensions and theme’s could dmg your computere. Are you sure to continue?
    Then you press the ”Continue” button of course, and voila.

    Couldn’t be more simple.

  3. I’m guessing if you right click the downloaded file, you can browse to you googlechrome.exe extension. And install it that way, haven’t tried it myself, but it should work that way. If you of course downloaded it with another browser.
    Still, going with chrome is the most obvious and easiest.

    *Don’t mind my typo in the first message xD, I of course meant computer, and not computere^^*

  4. dead link, please.
    i’ve been using this theme for years.
    i uninstalled my chrome so i need this theme.

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