RPGMaker VX: Adventures of Dr.Koizumi

Here it is guys, an RPGMaker VX project made by my team and I. If you’re thinking it’s the Darkside Rebirth project then you are wrong. The Darkside Rebirth project is still on hold since the team hasn’t got the capability to fully concentrate on the project. The main reason of course because of university activity which kept them busy (I may have the part which cause them to be like that^^).

Anyway, this is an alternate project for an event which comes Sunday tomorrow. Since this project come with a tight deadline of only one week and the theme that the university gave is about Life Science, here’s the result.

No original character whatsoever. All characters were a rip-off from MUGEN fighters (mainly from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Melty Blood, and Guilty Gear). The story is also cliche, which you can find it yourself if you play the game.

Now you ask, “Why do I have to play such crap game?”. Well, the answer is don’t. Unless, you are curious enough to know the ending which tie all the cliche parts into an “Ah, so that’s how it is” moment. Haha, actually it’s not that dramatic, but I assure you the ending is really comprehensible enough to tie the story knot.

The original part of the game might be it’s story which is not your ordinary RPG game (of course it is much much shorter). The game is designed to be played 10 minutes and there are two skills which I author myself: “Carbon Explosive” and “Big Apple”. Also, there are various simple mini-game and boss mini-game to add variations.

Anyhow, I’m running out of promotion words on this game. Just download it and you’ll find out (Oh yeah, you have to have RPGMaker VX to run the game).


Souza Nurafrianto

Hashfi Rasis


Viktor Wijaya

Download: https://www.onlinefilefolder.com/4sFic59xYJs6L4


17 responses to “RPGMaker VX: Adventures of Dr.Koizumi

    • Sorry, I didn’t notice the 10 minutes information before ^_^

      Wow, that’s good, that means I can finish this game without sacrificing my playing time for other games.

      Thanks a lot.

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  2. This game has taken us much more than 10 minutes. We’re currently at 70 minutes, in the final dungeon, and can’t figure out where to go. It all takes us back to the beginning room when we follow the paths. How are we supposed to get to Potemkin?

    Other than this annoying end dungeon, we have loved playing this game! It’s funny.

    • Actually, there is a secret teleporter at the end of the path which lead you to the beginning again. I guess it’s the “C” like path, just stroll around every tile and you will be suddenly found that…..

  3. aaha, i can’t believe i played that whole thing. lol

    where did you get all the other sprites though? i’m curious XD

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