Farce 90’s Post Series: Part 24 – Subterranean Animism

Oh wow, has it been awhile. A few weeks maybe, but I’m back with the next post in the series, Touhou 11 – Subterranean Animism. I have to say that this has my most favorite title theme and some of the best music in the entire series. I’ve been looking forward to doing this post for a while too. Now on to the game mechanics.

This game plays much the same as Mountain of Faith with a satellite system. There are a lot more options though, even though there are only Marisa and Reimu to choose from. Each character has three different shot types and are based off of other characters from the series that are helping out our heroines on their journey. All but one of the shot types is limited to four satellites. Alice’s shot type, used by Marisa, has a total of 8 dolls that can shoot lazers. And Patchouli’s shot type, also used by Marisa, has 5 different aiming modes on it.

The scoring system hasn’t changed much at all, bombs are used by sacrificing a satellite, but unlike the previous games the bombs are unique to the shot type chosen. Other than that, not much has changed either.

The background behind the story mode is pretty vague, but follows something along this line:

A geyser shot up from the ground near the Hakurei Shrine and brought with it a large number of earth spirits from deep underground. As the numbers grew, the residents of Gensokyo became more and more concerned. As such, action had to be taken and our heroine traveled deep underground to solve the problem.

Now for the actual gameplay/storyline.

There was a tunnel that had to be taken in order to get into the underground and a strong wind blew through it continuously. There are a few youkai that live in or near the tunnel, one of which is called Kisume who constantly lives inside of a bucket. She is presumed to like enclosed spaces. She doesn’t pose much threat and is easily swept aside. The main obstacle is the spider youkai who also lives inside the tunnel, Yamama Kurodani. She herself doesn’t pose much threat either and tells the heroine of a festival happening underground somewhere. She perceives the heroine as being unfriendly and chooses to fight but is also defeated quite easily.

Moving ever deeper into the underground, our heroine crosses a bridge between the outside and the underground guarded by the eternally jealous bridgekeeper, Parsee Mizuhashi. She mentions an Ancient City where the underground youkai reside. She herself is seen as being unfriendly, no surprise since she feeds on envy, and is beaten up to teach a lesson.

Deeper still an abandoned city is found but there happens to be one resident still around, Yuugi Hoshiguma who is an oni and a powerful one at that. She states that the heroine is being rowdy and declares a rowdy welcome is for a rowdy guest and proceeds to battle. She’s pretty difficult as far as 3rd stage characters go, and most of the stage is spent fighting her. After being defeated she mentions the the Palace of Earth Spirits may have the solution to her problem.

Upon reaching and entering the palace a sinister looking cat stalks and battles our heroine periodically. After enduring the attacks our heroine reaches the mistress of the palace, Satori Komeiji, who has the ability to read the minds and hearts of anyone. After a conversation, mostly one sided, the heroine becomes agrivated at Satori and her mind reading and chooses to battle her. Upon defeat, Satori grants access to the courtyard where she says her “pet” is the most likely cause of the problem.

The courtyard is fiendishly hot and is the entrance to the depths of Hell. This is where Kaenbyou Rin resides, the cat who was following the heroine the entire time. She has the ability to transform into a cat at will and can also control the spirits of the dead. From personal experience, I can say that she is a horrific opponent and not to be taken lightly by any means. After being defeated she says that the one behind the geyser resides deeper within Hell and that she is a deadly opponent. However, our heroine presses onward through the blistering heat.

In the deepest region of hell resides the crow demon Reiuji Utsuho who possesses the ability of nuclear fusion, a truly powerful and fearsome ability. She is the source of the heat and the geyser. Her true intent is to take over the surface world, though everyone beneath the surface was banished long ago. After a long and epic battle Reiuji admits defeat and the evil spirits stop, but the geyser did not. Reiuji says that her power was given to her by a god from the mountains. In search of answers, our heroine sets forth once again.

Note that I haven’t played the extra stage.

On the youkai mountain our heroine is first encountered by Sanae Kochiya. For whatever reason she decides to battle. After beating her, Koishi Komeiji, Satori’s sister, steps forth. She says she came to the shrine in hopes of getting a power similar to Reiuji’s. She settles for trying to beat the heroine in an attempt to gain respect in the underground. Afterwards everyone departed back for their respective homes.

This was a very difficult post since I couldn’t find any good source for the storyline and had to go off of context clues to form one, but I hope it turned out alright. I’m really tired right now even though its not even 8 yet. I probably won’t have another post up for awhile. I have to get a copy of Touhou 12 and play through it before I get it up and I only have a little time anymore. After the next two weeks I should have considerably more time.


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