The A Team – I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

This is a film that I have lay my eyes on since the moment the trailer broadcasted. When it was actually premiered in the theater with my girlfriend, we suddenly ditched watching Tekken and went on watching The A Team instead.

Our decision was not a disappointment. She loved it. Heck, I loved it. It’s like looking back on the the old show but with much much better. All the characters are portrayed perfectly (with a slight exception of B.A which he kinda lose his hot tempered side a little), and I’m so excited that I could see the antics of Murdock and Face once again.

This movie is a comedy action movie and every frame of it will not make you bored. I laughed, I was stunned, then I laughed again some more. It feels like the two hours duration of this movie was not enough for me and I got to say that each character got their own unforgettable moment. I want more and I hope there will be more to this film. I recommend high you watch this film. Totally mind-blowing.


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