Dead Fantasy: Gee – A Consolation For This Year Dead Fantasy Episode

A disclaimer note for this post as always is that this video is not my creation. It’s from the ever-popular genius Montyoum. If you haven’t heard about Dead Fantasy yet (Man, where have you been), you can check his Gametrailer account on this blog page (I put the link on the right sidebar) or you can check his youtube page, or you can search in this blog since I made a couple of reviews about his video.

So, the continuation of Dead Fantasy wouldn’t be seen this year. It’s sad since I was eager to see Girls Rumble and what could be more perfect than the clash of Final Fantasy female characters and Dead or Alive female characters. However, Montyoum is kind enough to make this Music Video of them dancing and I guess I’m entertained and as always amazed by his work. Not to mention the previous dancing video of Haloid, Dead Fantasy has a very nice atmosphere to it (Of course, it’s because there are a bunch of girls in it). I got to say, Montyoum is really a spectacular guy in the fanmade area (make that the ultimate fanmade product). So, I want to say thany you, Montyoum, for making such an incredible creation which we can all enjoy.


5 responses to “Dead Fantasy: Gee – A Consolation For This Year Dead Fantasy Episode

  1. OMG. They should have spent the time on Dead Fantasy VI rather than this…I want DF 6….>_<..But itnorite for Gee Gee…. Jeezus.. :3

  2. i know this is going to sound really lame but I watched the original Gee video over a dozen times (could not get that song out of my head). This video is priceless.

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