Anime Summer 2010 Review

So it’s already summer 2010 and it’s time for my pick on the new anime to watch. I got to say that I’m very excited in this upcoming anime titles although it still lack of action genre anime. Two OVAs that I will be anticipating would be Kurenai and Black Lagoon. It was a stall end for Kurenai and I would hope that this OVA will be a blast. As of Black Lagoon, what more do you want me to say? I would love to see a bunch of girls with big guns.

As of TV series, I’ve already saw Ookami-san and High School Of The Dead. Ookami-san has a potential romance comedy which from the first episode made me interested in watching the whole show. Also, the narrator for this anime seems cynical which give the anime a rather funny atmosphere.

High School of The Dead is like a combination of Zombie and big-boobed women. It kinda give you a wind of change in the typical torn-shirt action anime (such as Ikkitousen) to a more blood & gore horror genre. I watched this show and have a mixed feeling of gory amazement and turned up by all the pantyshot scenes.

I will be predicting that the next interesting anime will be either Shiki or Nurarihyon no Mugo. But feel free to add inputs since I’m not to detail in research (a bit lazy I guess would be more appropriate). On the other hand, I thought Mitsudomoe would be like Hidamari Sketch or Kodomo no Jikan. However, the show proofs to be worth-watched as there are a lot of slapstick jokes with blood spraying all over the place. So I guess, it’s a watchable lolicon anime (haha).

Lastly, the must-watched anime for this season would be Strike Witches 2 which offer flying pantsu girl carrying big gun. I would really love if we have a little more mature episodes but I guess that would be impossible regarding the director’s quote on focusing on the fan service scenes in this very season of Strike Witches.

So, there it is, you guys, my plan for this season’s anime. Any inputs would be most welcome…


6 responses to “Anime Summer 2010 Review

  1. Well, for Kurenai OVA, if you didn’t read the manga, you won’t understand anything (you can read it on mangafox, its quite nice, and story takes a very different approach).
    This OVA is featuring a part of manga, and is unrelated to the series (which is awesome as you may have seen).

    I think Black Lagoon OVA is out since yesterday, gotta find a good subbing group to watch it.

    I’m also anticipating Shiki, though I really dunno how it’ll turn out.
    High school of the dead is quite nice :p Started reading the manga, and I can say that anime is almost a complete adaptation of the manga, so if you are anticipating each week’s episode and don’t wanna get spoiled, better not read the manga.

    Seitokai Yakuindomo just started too. Looks like Seitokai no ichizon, but it’s a funny series to watch too.

    You might want to check the site I included on my nick (if you don’t already know it), it’s a really nice tool to know what’s airing and when. It also keeps you notified when new series airs and, by making an account, you can set it to your timezone, make filters etc, which is nice.

    All hail animes (°v°)


    • Ouch, I really want to watch Kurenai OVA but I haven’t read the manga at all. I only have watched the anime, so is there any connection between the anime and the manga?

      I am also planning to watch Strike Witches 2 coz I really like the first season. I hope it will be even better.

      Another anime I plan to watch is the new Digimon. I have watched almost all the Digimon animes and really like some of them. Hopefully, this one will satisfy my longing to see another Digimon anime.

  2. For Kurenai, this OVA is about a part that wasn’t present in the anime. It can’t be linked to the TV version because its neither during or after the end of the TV series (because the story changes a bit).

    To quote the major differences (without spoiling), there is a new protagonist in the OVA which tags along the main characters : Kirishima Kirihiko. I won’t explain her relationship with the main characters, but the thing is if you didn’t read the manga you won’t understand who she is (because the OVA doesn’t tell you about this).
    Other things aren’t explained but I won’t detail it here.

    It’s still watchable even without having read the manga, but you may not understand what’s going on :p

    The OVA is really a reflection of the manga. Personally I’d even say that it’s almost unrelated to the anime series (they even changed the look of Murasaki to match the manga design).

    But still, watch it, then maybe you’ll want to read the manga ;)


    • After reading your explanation, I have decided that I’ll read the manga before watching the OVA. Since it looks like I will be able to enjoy the OVA better in that way.

      Thanks a lot for the information ^_^

  3. Watched Highschool of the Dead Episode 1….. AWESOME….. I want moar Zombies…MOAR~!! :3
    Waiting for Black Lagoon and Black Rock Shooter.
    Seitokai Yakuindomo has Kute Intro
    Asobi Ni Iku Yo sounds like To Love-Ru isn’t it?

    And Yep…Gonna watch these….5 Anime… :3 HOTD is wut I wanted the most.

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