CAT SHIT ONE The Animated Series – Modern Warfare With Fluffiness Combined

Just when I was getting a hang of Modern Warfare with all the amazing graphic and all, I came across this anime which feature the exact replicate of Modern Warfare. CAT SHIT ONE is an anime you must watch if you are a gun and war freak. Hell, you should watch this if you like Modern Warfare or Call of Duty very much.

The only different thing about it is just the characters involve in the series are bunnies and camels (Are they camels or horses?). Anyway, the story revolves around two main characters, the bunnies, which are Perkins and Botasky. They are on a scout mission in the dessert to save the civilians (or in their terms, Canaries).

The rest of the story I guess I will leave to you to watch. If you are not sure or don’t believe me, just check out the video below that I’ve attached.


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