Farce90’s Post Series – Part 26: Touhou Hisoutensoku

BEHOLD! I… have RETURNED! It’s been awhile since I’ve made a new addition to this series. I introduce to you all my favorite game in the series. Touhou Hisoutensoku is a joint production between Team Shanghai Alice and Tasogare Frontier. If you want to see the gameplay to this just look up Scarlet Weather Rhapsody from earlier. Why? Because Hisoutensoku is pretty much an expansion to SWR. It added several new characters while keeping the old ones and even making a few changes in their move sets. It keeps all the old data from SWR if they are linked properly.

Hisoutensoku added several characters into the fighting mash-up. Hong Meiling, Sanae Kochiya, Cirno, Rieiji Utsuho, and Suwako Moriya. Each character is different but Suwako is by far the hardest character to use out of all of them.

The story is very different from SWR and allows only the new characters to be playable through the storyline. A giant shadow has been seen in several areas all throughout Gensokyo by several residents. Each of them set out to discover what exactly it is and what it’s purpose is. Each character fights their way through several opponents before arriving at an underground nuclear reactor where Rieiji resides. An epic and extremely difficult battle ensues. Upon defeat Suwako makes herself known and identifies herself as the cause. She says something about the giant shadow actually being a robot that has wandered off away from the reactor. It is never actually found through the game, although Meiling gets to fight a giant catfish.

This was a really easy post for me to make because it has all the same controls and elements that SWR did so that saved me a lot of time. The reason that it took so long to get another post up is that I just recently started working again and I’m still trying to straighten out a whole bunch of stupid college and loan shit and it’s driving me crazy. I apologize if anyone is offended by what I said but I am really frustrated. I’ll try to get the last game post up as soon as I can but I can’t really make any promises. I will get it up some time though.


35 responses to “Farce90’s Post Series – Part 26: Touhou Hisoutensoku

    • Unfortunately the only story modes in TH 12.3 are for Sanae, Cirno and Meiling. A story mode for Suwako and others would’ve been fun though.

      If you use hamachi and want someone to play, you can contact me, I’ve been bored lately. I play Suwako ;).

      • I can’t use Suwako for crap. I have a pretty good melee combo with her though. I usually use Meiling, Sakuya, Patchoulli, or Marisa. I also have practically no idea how to use the network so if you want to have a match you’ll have to walk me through it.

  1. Just wondering.. Is there a way to sign up for an account here?
    Sorry its a little out of place >_>;

  2. They have a English patch that came out a while ago. I played this game online, and it was fairly fun. I hope you know there is a way to get Rhapsody characters on that game.

    • I have the English patch which I waited fervently for. I also linked to all the SWR characters so I’m good on that end. How do you get the freaking network play to work? Help a brother out!

  3. Oooh, has anyone listened to the recent TAMUSIC Touhou albums?
    just got TAM3-0063 QUALIA(クオリア) its sounds great ^_^
    But after I receive the album I find out they released like 2-4 albums =x
    … Man they’re releasing new albums like crazy x_x;

  4. I’m interested in this. I have a crapload of IOSYS albums, I think 9 of them, I have 5 SOUND HOLIC albums, all of those are Touhou mixes. Drop a link to download this stuff. If you know of any other good groups that remix Touhou stuff let me know.

  5. then again I still have to upload some other ones too… erg that is going to be troublesome =x

  6. Also if you did not look in the author tab of the site, I mentioned the Touhou Lossless music collection that is getting to 800 gigabytes worth of music =x
    If you want a link to that too just say so XD

  7. I’m half tempted to ask for the torrent. I can always just pick and choose what I want out of the torrent without having to download all of it. I’ll look into TAMusic some more. Do you know of any other good remix groups?

  8. hmm Well the Touhou Lossless music collection should have remixes from different groups.
    If I am not mistaken… The Touhou Lossless music collection is the gathering of ALL music touhou related x_x;

    I believe the reason why its so big is because the format it is in…. FLAC or something.

  9. omg I just tried looking through the file list the lossless collection had, and it froze my computer for a minute just searching for TAMUSIC XD

    Its there though =x
    Theres like 10ish albums by TAMUSIC in that torrent.

    I can try to find the Lossy collection which has all the music the lossless has, but in mp3 format… unless you want FLAC than thats 800 gigabytes you are planning to download ^_^;

    • But yeah if you do not want to use 800gb for the super high quality…
      check these links here, save a lot of space unless you like using the FLAC format =x

  10. … oh man, I am just going to delete the lossless for this XD
    800 gigabytes is a little crazy… then again it is high quality.

  11. My computer can’t hold 800 GB. I’ll just browse through the touhou wiki’s music section. Thanks, though!

  12. everybody said the same thing that suwako is so hard to play, but i found it fun to play using her, and she is pretty deadly y’know, if you already know the best combo for suwako, the enemy will be KO’d in no time. Okuu attack seems to be very painful, eventhough she is very slow. But still her long range attack made up for it. It a total loss for me using hong meiling though….. But Still my favourite char is Remilia :))

    BTW is there anybody playing on the net using hamachi in SEA(South East Asia) Region?

      • Hey Farce, have you tried out this touhou game?
        It was made by aquasoft called lotusland

        Put a video from youtube up here =x
        I don’t know if they released any english patches yet soo

  13. hmm rats I really am having trouble deciding on a pvc figure =x
    I know this is way off topic of the post but has anyone seen the Touhou Project Special Version 1/7 Eternally Young, Red Moon Remilia Scarlet -Gungnir ver.? It is supposed to be released sometime in August and I was debating whether I should take a shot and buy it as the first pvc figure I will or will not get XD
    I have always bought like cds and pictures but I figured it would be nice to add a figure every few months or so =P


    They have pictures here… I like the look of the whole thing so far but It seems the facial expression is… off? I mean the pose and spear look great… erg so difficult x_x;

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