Blade Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack 2

Hello everyone, my name is Lucillia and I guess I’m the new co-author for The Randomness Thing. Kaza-kun pushed me into writing for this blog and I guess I will be contributing in half of Kaza-kun duties such as posting new wallpaper packs, anime reviewing, or game reviewing. Kaza-kun stated that he can’t make a harem, romance, or mecha genre of anime reviews since he isn’t fond of those, so I guess I will be the one replacing him for that kind of reviews. Also, I guess I will be the only female author for this blog so I guess I will be taken care by the other senpai-tachi. Yoroshiku onegaishimashita.

Zipped File Download – Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack.rar


20 responses to “Blade Wielding Girl Wallpaper Pack 2

  1. Hallo Lucillia, kesenaitsumi89 beat me on greetings but
    Hope to see some great posts ^_^;
    I hope I can pull off some great posts like this one with the use of music cds… Makes me wonder if I will mess up =x

    Oh wells, anyways Welcome to Teh Randomness Thing~ =D

  2. Just kidding, Kaza-kun…. I’m innocent? I didn’t mean it that way. I just wanted to be polite, aha.

  3. Hmm, fresh meat.

    TRT ni Youkoso, Luci-chan (yes, i’m too lazy to write the full name; though i can make an effort to write Lucillia-chan if you dont like the first one :p).

    Looking forward to see what you’ll bring us on the table ;)



    PS: Keep your cookies in a safe place.

  4. Another new co-author? Finally! Now it’s not just me and Souza anymore. Welcome!

    Is Kesuki in on it too? He/She should be if he/she isn’t.

    • I am here Farce~
      and yush I was turned co-author yesterday o_o;
      I hope to have hundreds of touhou albums on this site someday XD
      … I just hope I have enough space on mediafire

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