High School Of The Dead: A Refreshing Fan Service Anime

Since no one has post about this particular anime before, I think I will start my review on this particular anime. High School Of The Dead which is originally a manga written by Daisuke Satou and illustrated by Shoji Satou, tells you the story about how the world is consumed by an unknown virus that turns dead corpse into zombies. It is entitled Highschool of The Dead I guess because of the first plot that the story introduces is in the Fujimi Highschool and the main characters of this anime are students and teachers.

Now, being a horror genre anime especially zombie apocalypse scenario would have the watchers expect something bloody, gore, or twist and turn story. And I could see that after watching two or three episodes of this anime might make you thinking there is too much fanservice and less head-bludgeoning action. Also, the violence intensity in this anime is rather mild, there is blood spill but the killing is normally not visualize.

However, let me tell you that this anime disregard of the fanservice and big bust girl in action (which I have no problem with.I don’t know about you guys…), has a very descent story plot and character background. First of all, the weapon they use to fight zombies are merely baseball bat, mop handle, and bokken (wooden sword) which you can find in a normal school. The characters that are introduces have the fundamental experience to fight. We have Rei Miyamoto who joined the Spear Club which proves that she has a descent sojutsu (Spear Technique), Rei Busujima is the captain of the kendo club and she is proficient with her bokken, and Kohta Hirano who is a gun enthusiast and an otaku which made him eloquent in modifying a nail gun to fight zombies.

The story is by far provides you with descent motivation and realism. People kill zombie to survive and people also can kill people to survive. I say the survival to the fittest motive makes the anime an entertainment to watch. If you are expecting a surprise element or horror scream bits, then this anime is not for you. To enjoy watching this anime, you have to put your perspective as a weak student who doesn’t know anything except from what you learn during your teenager and suddenly you have to make your survival run from zombies who are chasing you.

In the end, comparing to other horror genre anime, High School Of The Dead gives off a straight-forward horror with great realism and interesting character development (I say this is interesting because I have read the manga and I guarantee you that the characters are becoming stronger. The hint of that can be trace in the opening which Rei Miyamoto is holding a PSG-1 gun). Plus if you like fanservice anime and want a change from those typical harem, yuri, or highschool romance plot then this anime might gives you a new feeling of echiness^^.


5 responses to “High School Of The Dead: A Refreshing Fan Service Anime

  1. I might have to watch this if I actually get the time to. I don’t have much time to do much of anything with work and whatnot.

      • I could probably find some time in my schedule in the next few days. I do have a lot of stress lately though. Work, college, other stupid stuff associated with the previous two. Ugh… -__-;

  2. Yes senpai, it was like the peak of blood action zombie slaughtering scene. Too bad no spoiler here so I can only leaver it at that.

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