Farce90’s Post Series: Part 27 – Double Spoiler

Behold! More posts from Farce at 1 in the morning. I just got off work after a 7 hour shift and had to change a blown tire on the way home at around 11:30 at night. So I’m unwinding and relaxing by making a nice little post here since I haven’t contributed in awhile.

This title music is the same as all of the other games but I enjoy this version a lot more than other ones.

Double Spoiler plays exactly the same way as Shoot the Bullet so for more details on the controls and gameplay see the page I made on that. The main character is Aya Shameimaru, again. The major difference is the levels. I haven’t gotten very far into Double Spoiler or Shoot the Bullet but they are very enjoyable games. They are also extremely difficult, much more so than the other shooters. Mostly recommended for casual gaming since the levels are short and you don’t have to play through series of levels all at one time.

I think I’m going to call it a night right here. I know it was a short post but that wasn’t really much to say about it other than that it’s an addition to Shoot the Bullet, somewhat. I’m tired and my legs are sore. Goodnight (or morning as the case may be).


8 responses to “Farce90’s Post Series: Part 27 – Double Spoiler

  1. Mmm I played the demo to the game, it is really difficult XD
    I plan to get it sooner or later, but right now trying to find a place to get 12.8 o_o;

    • Great post btw Farce =D
      I like most of the music from the demo, did they manage to add any more music? I only saw I think 4-6 in the demo =x
      Still looking around for the album on some stores but no luck~

      • There’s a lot of music in the actual game, including all the music from SWR too. You can always just download this game from somewhere on the internet. That’s what I do. I don’t live near anywhere with these kinds of things readily available. I really wish I did. Consider yourself lucky.

  2. hehe Anime expo is the closest thing I know of here and that is only hosted on July every year =x
    After that its searching on the internet shops x_x;
    But yes if I can’t find some albums I would try to look for them to download~

    • I see. Well, now that I have a checking account I should be able to get stuff off of online stores. If that doesn’t work I can just get a Paypal or something.

      • I guess that will work =x
        I don’t know if you like collecting pvc figures but I noticed some really good figures of Black Rock Shooter. I might pick one up someday once I think I have too many soundtracks XD
        Hmm… If I was to get figures you think its worth putting up posts of the figures? =P

      • I want to get some PVC figures. When I get a comfortable amount of money together I’ll probably invest in a few. Mostly BRS ones. Durr. If I got some figures I would definitely put up some posts.

        I just got off work again. Major pissy day. People suck. At least my tires didn’t blow out again. I spent the morning getting them fixed up and checked out. Only cost me 20 bucks!

      • wow that is a good price =o
        erg they charged me 100 dollars to fix my car and thats for the battery!
        erg.. thats about 2 soundtracks from anime-expo XD

        …. yeah i know anime-expo is overpriced >_>

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