Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – A Game for Detective Wannabe

I know that this is quite an old game, but I guess I’ll just share it to you in case there are those who haven’t known this game yet. Anyway, let me introduce you to the game that made me stay up all night to finish. This game is so addicting that if you leave or save in the mid of a case, you can’t go to sleep as you curious to what will happen next.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is a Nintendo DS game that tells you a story about a lawyer named Phoenix Wright (duh…). Phoenix Wright often asked to defend an innocent crime suspect and it is your job to make Phoenix Wright succeed. The perk of this game is that it is quite similar to visual novel games. You stroll along the story and interact with people about the happening of a a case. When a case has happened and Phoenix Wright has to defend his client to release him from guilty charge, there are usually two phases of game progress:

First, the evidence collecting. In this phase, you are to stroll along the crime scene, detention center, and any other places to look for evidence that might proof your client innocence. You have to interview people for their alibis and gather evidences that are left on the crime scene.

Second, the court session. To me, this is one of most exciting challenges that this game offers. We are to battle against the prosecutor to win the judge favor and release our client from guilty verdict. This court session drama is usually introduces over-dramatic characters and it is fun to watch (or read) the comedy that game provides. Here, our task is to cross-examine our witness, which usually always incriminates our client, so that we could analyze any contradiction by giving the evidence that proves that witness testimony is not aligned with the evidence presented. I love how Phoenix Wright utters the word “Objection!” everytime he presses a witness in the cross-examination.

So, for you who loves deduction type game, this is a game for you. Well, I know it is not about a detective but it still has the evidence gathering and trying to point who the real suspect is. I got to say that I always love the moment when the real suspect breaks down after bluntly pointed that he is the guilty one by Phoenix Wright. Oh yeah, so far I’m on the third play of Phoenix Wright, Phoenix Write: Trial and Tribulation. I think there are five Phoenix Wright game and who knows I will make a review out of it if it is interesting enough and worth sharing.


2 responses to “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – A Game for Detective Wannabe

  1. That’s like my favourite game LOL I played all of them… I hope they make more >.> I’m kinda curious to how Maya, and Pearl turned out >.> they didn’t say anything about the two of them in the last two games :(

  2. Objection! Don’t leak anything more since there might be those who haven’t played yet. But yes, this game is very addicting. I played this game during my vacation and it just sucked time as I realize I’m on a 8 hours continuous play.

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