Angel Beats – The Rebel Against God To Conquer The Nextworld

No, it’s not about that at all. However, it is what the first background story is all about. Angel Beats! tells you about the story which takes place in an anonymous school acting as a Purgatory for the restless soul. There, Yuzuru Otonashi, the main character for this series woke up in an amnesic state and found a girl named Yuri Nakamura.

She introduces herself as the leader of the Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS), an organization founded by her to rebel against God. Yuri is planning to defy God by not accepting her death and try to conquery the Purgatory High School instead.

She explained that she is currently battling Tenshi (an Angel) which try to take the soul away so they will accept their death. Therefore, the story revolves around the battle between the SSS member against Tenshi and most of the time the story just jokes around while slowly reveals characters’ development in each episodes.

I would not reveals how the characters are developed but when the story gets intense, it developed very brilliantly. As expected from Key production, Angel Beats! could get your tears falling down like there is no tomorrow. It’s tear-jerking to watch when the characters reveals their unfinished desires in the living world and slowly their companions try to help them to get what they desire. Which in the end got Otonashi thinking why do they fight so hard to defy their death, when you could fulfill your dreams in the world thy currently dwelling.

The closing chapter for this anime is the ultimate tear-jerking episode. I was banging my head to the wall while crying in fascination to the turns of the event of the anime. Those who seeks a romantic love story with a great slice of life, may I strongly recommend this anime that will burst your heart out to the story plot that the anime offers.


10 responses to “Angel Beats – The Rebel Against God To Conquer The Nextworld

  1. That’s the problem with this anime.

    It’s only 13 episodes. And they have to force the story to funny too, which can be quite a sad-killer.

    I was tear-jerking to the school graduation… but they still forced to be funny, which killed the whole atmosphere

    and don’t get me started on the characters… >_>

    my only one suggestion “READ THE LIGHT NOVEL”

    @Dwi: What are you talking about, there’s no such thing as an Angel Beats VN

    Yes, it’s made by Jun Maeda (Kanon, Clannad, Air) and Illustrated by Na-Ga, BUT it’s in a Light Novel, and KEY is sponsoring the Novel.

    The Next VN from KEY would be “Rewrite”.

  2. @Souza: I totally agree about the unfinished desires. Not just TK’s and Matsushita’s, but I would’ve liked to see some other peoples’ desires. They had a whole hall full of people, but they had to rush it to fulfill 13 episodes. Heck, if it went beyond 13, I would’ve still watched it to the end.

    I also have to agree with Lucillia about it being very tear-jerking. It’s all fun and laughs until it gets to the very serious business, and I liked that they could still make funny moments but still keep the seriousness when it was needed.

  3. The Ending is so Sad….Otonashi…… T^T I thought the Angel would accept his request and stay with him in that world, but nope. And there’s something I still concerned about.. She has his heart, after he donated his organs. But how comes she appear in the world before Otonashi… and have time to make friends with others and fight against the… “I Ain’t Dead Yet” Battlefield. Anyway..Yep… I nearly hugged my screen and cried. I cried at the train accident, when Otonashi dies and the graduation, and when the Angel wanted Otonashi to say Thank You again. ~>_<~

    • qoute sleepyhollow “She has his heart, after he donated his organs. But how comes she appear in the world before Otonashi… and have time to make friends with others and fight against the… “I Ain’t Dead Yet” Battlefield”


      Apparently Angel Beats is like Cheese with holes in it.

      some notable holes ->
      -Otonashi Died first but why did he appeared later than Tenshi.
      -What exactly made Otonashi special in that he didn’t have his own heart in the afterlife, while other characters (ie: Yui, Iwasawa, and probably more) weren’t missing their respective body parts they had lost or lost function of during their real life?
      -the Ending scene in the future. They said they’ll finally pass on, but why on earth are they alive and in the same body. (It would make sense if it’s a dream scene like Yui)

      but what irks me more
      in the end the Main heroine is not Yuri, she turns out to be just a copy of Haruhi with a bad past.

      • About the whole time difference thing, first and foremost we dont know when Kanade died or when she recieved the heart. We also dont know enough about how that world works in relation to when they appear.

        With the body part bit. From what i remember none of the characters ever mentioned losing any body parts, to do with the paralysis thats a mental condition and would not translate directly to their new body in the Purgatory(their world) Also the Purgatory existed to relieve youths of their regrets from their childhood, it was created so that these people who died without truly experiencing their youth could move on and accept the life they had it wouldnt work very well if they couldnt move would it?

        They never specifically told if they would change if they moved on they suggested that they could take a different form but it wasnt confirmed, Also we could be looking at it from a different view they may look different just not to us, if you remember otonashi didnt turn because he saw Kanade but because he remember the song she was humming which was Iwasawa’s ballad.

        Lastly about Yuri, she was never intended to be the main character to begin with, truth be told she was more of a leader and mentor to the rest of the group she was the reason why everyone was together and the struggle between her and Angel was not ment to be the main focus of the show.

    • It’s fan made.

      -it’s not made by Jun Maeda, the creator of Angel Beats himself, so it’s NOT CANON.

      it’s a fan-fiction for god sakes. Unless we see Jun Maeda or even KEY approving this, it’s not officially and literally a VN.

      Even though it’s good/great/excellent it’s fan-made and do not have any connections to the main story other than pure fiction.

      So you can’t call it a VN. Calling it a VN will make a confusion in the International community, since the whole world KNOWs that there’s no VN for Angel Beats. At least they creator should call it a Fan-VN, not a VN.

      It’s not by Jun Maeda

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