Feces Flinging on Malaysian Embassy: A Mirror of Monkey-like Protest Of Indonesian

An incident involving the arrest of Ocean & Fishery federal government has sparked an unresolved hatred of Indonesia against Malaysia. This time our people are being caught arguably in our own territory. Whether or not the breach of Indonesian territory has been confirmed or not I will say that arresting a legitimate government body without a procedural document check is just remarkably ignorant.

However, the protest of those who claim themselves being patriotic by protesting to extent of anarchy is equally detestable. I’m of course speaking the course of action that Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat (Bendera), the same organization who conduct illegal Malaysian sweeping in Indonesia, chose to protest by flinging feces and vandalizing the Malaysian flag.

If you’re a sympathizer for this organization, let me tell you that you’re matureness is just the same as a monkey in a zoo cage who loves flinging feces to the bystander outside the cage. Clearly, this pathetic vermin doesn’t understand how to protest in a civil way. This protest is just the same as being anarchy which motivation is to put destruction and feast upon the pain of somebody else.

Don’t get me wrong, I detest the incident which took our government into a breach of Indonesia’s sovereignty, but flinging feces? Are we that low  that we can’t come up with a more culturally or inspiring oration? This action is just a fling of the feces to Indonesia’s face which definitely proof that Indonesia’s politic maturity is just as high as a monkey.

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8 responses to “Feces Flinging on Malaysian Embassy: A Mirror of Monkey-like Protest Of Indonesian

  1. i’m from Malaysia and i think all those indon’s are so mean and quite short minded short tempered and blaming anything that nearly has a relation to it… well thats just my opinion… btw i love swing holic

  2. Mmm that is just not right… The organization really needs to think… a little better… and cleaner.
    I do not know how much civil education they may have, but you are right that they are not very smart… or up to date on civil protests =x
    Thanks Souza for sharing, learning more everyday~

  3. And I blame the media for provoking our citizen. Everytime there’s an incident involving Indonesia – Malaysia, they always put it under the tag “Malaysia is at it again”, which clearly sends a hate persuasion to the viewer.

    • Eee, I did not think they would go that far o_o
      bad media!
      … So its really up to the viewers to uncover whats really going on~ if not…

    • Yes, people says infotainment are always exaggerating and provoking when they broadcast their material, but the same goes with news media who just tirelessly aiming for sensation in hopes of high rating.

  4. Good god, of all things to fling (rocks, mortars, molotov cocktails, and so on and so forth), they choose to fling feces? Good lord.

    On another note, I am Indonesian in any case (though I ain’t living in Indo as of now), and damn I am ashamed. If they think this is gonna show how great they are, this is a failure of epic proportions. While I do agree that the incident was detestable, but this was totally uncalled for. Immature idiots like this shouldn’t be out in the streets, they should be in the mental asylum. Like now.

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