K-ON!! Best Scene – Episode 20 – The End Of School Festival

For this post, I will not reveal any screenshot as it will disrupt the mood of those who haven’t watched the 20th episode of K-ON!! I just finished watching K-ON!! episode 20th where the Houkago Tea Time (HTT) are going to perform their last school festival concert. All the members of HTT except for Azusa Nakano are going to graduate next year and this concert would be their last performing chance in the school festival.

From the start, the episode gives you a serious ambiance, Yui’s determination to make a successful concert and Mio’s nervousness to play a great concert. We will see an awful less jokes in this episode with only a mere Mio’s punch in Ritsu’s head for writing a good luck charm on Mio’s hand.

The concert scene is also a surprising one. All the members says their hearts out about how great and appreciated to be in the band and we can tell that they now have a huge amount of fans. However, what really comes to the climax is the after show scene when the girls are sitting on the floor thinking what happened just happened so fast that they can’t really tell whether they did great or not.

Yui’s statement “We would get better at the next school festival concert”, which then replied by Ritsu, “There isn’t going to be one”, then gives all the girls a burst of tears, even for me. Believe me, I was crying like Mugi-chan at the whole scene. Mio was solemnly crying with her hands on her knees and Ritsu tries to comfort her by saying “Pikopi….”. Azusa-chan is the most mature and trying to comfort the baby-crying Mugi-chan. Yui is crying but maintain her innocence and positivity.

It was a cute scene and their feelings really reached out to me. The bonds shared between them might have to end as they will graduate and it is only natural for them to cry. A rare serious episode from K-ON!! brought splendidly and outstandingly, truly this episode has the ever-great K-ON series move to ever-awesome K-ON series. I would love to see how they will do when they graduated and I hope there will be an extra episode to tell the Houkago Tea Time members’ future story.


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