Google Chrome Theme: Hatsune Miku

For you who have requested and anticipated a Hatsune Miku Google Chrome Theme then your waiting is now over. May I present you a Hatsune Miku Google Chrome Theme. If you think I was slacking off during my transition to Germany, you are wrong. I was authoring a lot of skins and they just keep piling up because I haven’t found an internet connection yet. Now that I have become an official student in Saarland University in Germany, I got a pretty decent speed here and I will be damn sure would exploit it to the maximum.

Skin Name: Hatsune Miku

File Size: 1.53 MB

Color Theme: Light Blue


Note: An explanation about how to use this file can be observed at the Chrome page. Happy downloading!


8 responses to “Google Chrome Theme: Hatsune Miku

  1. *sigh* not to be rude, and I know this is late…
    the ‘Miku’ with the black hair is *not* Miku. That’s Black Rock Shooter, and she really has nothing to do with Vocaloid. I think Miku sings a song from it, but Miku =/= BRS

    *that means they are *not* the same people*

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