Series of Anime Review/Suggestions Part 1 – Bungaku Shoujo

Hello everyone~

It has been awhile since I posted anything…

Also there have not been any requests for Touhou music so I plan to wait until someone asks for an album =)

Anyways, if no one has heard of this anime, it is called Bungaku Shoujo (or Literature Girl).

Sorry if this does not seem like a review, but I guess it would be merely a suggestion if you are looking for an anime to watch o_o;

If you like romantic, comedy, and anything that appeals to weird (I guess?) then this is an anime for you!

It is very beautiful I will have to say, and there are some seiyuu you may recognize from different anime like Angel Beat’s Tenshi, Aya Hirano from Suzumiya, etc.

The movie plot goes with a boy, Konoha Inoue, who is a first year student. As he is leaving school, he notices a girl tear a piece of paper from the book she is reading and eats it. She introduces herself by the name Toko Amano, the literature girl, and asks him to join the Literature Club so that he doesn’t expose her secret to others. Two years after being a member of the club, a strange message appears in the club box. The message contains a drawing that resembles a sketch found on the corner of a poem written by famous Japanese writer Kenji Miyazawa. Further investigation leads them not only to Inoue’s past, but to the reason for why he gave up on writing novels for the rest of his life.


I hope to upload the videos here so people may watch, but seeing how the movie is 1.35gb… MediaFire will not allow me to upload anything more than 200mbs (somewhere near it x_x;)

So until then, torrenting from a site would be the only option…

But on the bright side I found a torrent >_>

Hope you enjoy the movie ^_^

Torrent Link:

Patch for above: (this is to fix a few lines near the end of the movie~)


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