K-ON Wallpaper Pack 4

Hi guys, it’s been a while since my last post so I guess I will start off with another K-ON Wallpaper Pack since The K-ON!! series has came to an end and I really love the “serious” episode they have put on (plus, a tid bit of cute and fluffy gag^^). Going on to the other topic, the fall season anime has already began and I will try my best to make a descent review of what animes worth watched. Of course, after I have time to watch those animes…

Zipped File Download – http://www.mediafire.com/file/rtp48u67sdd9o9g/K-ON%20Wallpaper%20Pack%204.rar


4 responses to “K-ON Wallpaper Pack 4

  1. Very nice. It’s good to hear from you again too.

    I’d also like to take this time for an announcement from myself. I just want to apologize for not being very active on the Randomness Thing. I have TWO reasons for this. Reason 1) I’ve become addicted to Team Fortress 2. Reason 2) I’ve ALSO become addicted to Minecraft. That’s right! I TOO have fallen victim to the Mine-crave. I also still have my college classes to do at the same time and I’m STILL trying to find another job. I’ll still be trying though. Just be a little patient.


  2. Hey, this is not a slave-blog so you don’t have to punish yourself to write blog. We all know that we have a real life to deal so don’t consider this as a job. Do it as one of your hobbies and be free to contribute anytime.

    I for once am not hunting for ratings or popularity. It’s the feel of sharing that I like the most by writing to this blog. Good luck with your life, Farce90. And I will eagerly keep anticipating for your posts.

    • You make me sound important. ^-^;

      I do have to admit I feel guilty I haven’t posted anything for the longest time. I’m not looking for popularity either, quite the contrary actually. I just like to try and spread around and the things I find enjoyable that are relevant to the blog. I’ll keep trying though.

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