Farce 90’s Post Series: Part 28 – The Great Fairy Wars


Finally got around to it. My dad has been working me like a dog and since I finally get the house to myself for once I’m taking this opportunity to continue my posts.

The background behind this game is fairly simple. The three mischievous  fairies Luna Starchild, Sunny Milk, and Star Sapphire (correct me if I’m wrong, I’m going off of memory) have conspired to terrorize the nearby human village and take control of it. The three of them attempted to recruit Cirno and went to her home and ended up destroying it while she was away. Seeking revenge, Cirno chases after them to bring them to justice.

The Fairy Trio was first featured in a fan manga and mostly featured the group trying to pull pranks on people. They eventually ended up moving into the Scarlet Devil Mansion and worked as maids for the winter since their tree house was frozen over.

This game, despite being a self proclaimed “casual” game by ZUN, is incredibly difficult. One of the first noticeable changes is that in order to shoot repeatedly the fire button must be pressed repeatedly. By holding down the shoot button Cirno can freeze all nearby bullets and all other bullets that touch ones that are frozen. Cirno’s power can be increased by freezing large chains of bullets. All but one type of bullet can be frozen, and those are flaming bullets which are large, fast, and will more than likely kill you. Another major difference is that Cirno has no “lives”. Instead she has Morale/Confidence. When it reaches zero Cirno gives up. I’ve never beaten the game without using a continue.

The game is only comprised of 4 stages. In the first two stages, which can be played in different orders, features two of the three fairy trio as bosses and their own sub-bosses. In the third stage Daiyousei makes a special guest appearance as a mid-boss and all three of the fairies are fought at once as the end boss. The extra stage features Marisa Kirisame herself as the boss.

All in all it’s a good game, but very hard. It also features artwork from another group that slips my mind. If you’re looking for a challenge then look this game up. The download can be found in a lot of places. The english patch can be found at gensokyou.org.

The remaining posts will be for all major characters in the Touhou series in order of appearance.


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    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaat…

      That probably would have helped. I was too busy focusing on mashing the Z button that I couldn’t dodge for crap. :/

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