Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 9

This is actually Kaza-kun’s request for another Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack since there is quite a long time from the last wallpaper pack. Therefore, I rashed out to my browser and downloaded some Vocaloid wallpapers from Konachan (as Kaza-kun has instructed me to). I don’t know about the wallpaper selection here but I try as hard as I can to match his previous wallpaper packs’ assortments. And for Kaza-kun, good luck for your study next Monday!

Zipped File Download – http://www.mediafire.com/file/r4w6mx3tt7vcszk/Vocaloid%20Wallpaper%20Pack%209.rar


2 responses to “Vocaloid Wallpaper Pack 9

  1. your miku wallpaper always amazes me lol,one question you got so many but how do you kno wyour not saving the same one XD

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