Desktop Goodies: Ookami Ryoko Clock

As you know from the previous Clock version Rainmeter skins, there is one particular clock version that stir one’s nerve much. I’m talking about the comments’ made by Wepa in In that post, he said that I lack crediting the Aerotime Rainmeter skin creator, UnSpoknOne, although I already credit him in the first post of the first clock version post. It seems that somebody has the time to count the shadow margin and count the limited line modification so he could say that I stole somebody creation.

Well, point well taken although I don’t mean to steal any art and claim it for myself. As you all know from the beginning, it is my intention to add some anime characters to the existing Rainmeter skins (well, at least my favourite ones). Why? Because I like anime and I like to share my stuff to everyone. Anyway, I’m digressing here. So, to avoid such hurt feeling I re-created the Aerotime clock. The box now is my creation, but of course with the inspiration from Aerotime Rainmeter skin. I hope that resolves the misunderstanding.

Skin Name: Ookami Ryoko Clock

File Size: 266 KB

Color Theme: Brown


Note: Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


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