When a Religion Hinders Your Way On Becoming a Human

For a very long time, I’ve been an atheist. Why? Because I don’t believe the necessity on adding God in the equation of my action. I do what I assume is right and what I believe a human would do (well, I hope my action is what a good human would do). I don’t need the fear of hell in front of my face or the pleasure of heaven to be offered just to make me a better person. I just look at myself, thinking what if others do the same thing as I did to them, would it be pleasing? Would it hurt my feeling? That’s it.

I’ve read in an article such as this:


and for of you who doesn’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, it’s a story of moslem refugee who got evicted from the church during evacuation of volcano accident in Indonesia. There were a group of Moslem people who feared that the refugee will be converted to Christian just because they took refuge in the church.

And that exact mindset is what sickens me. I don’t blame religion for this, since yes I clearly get the message that religion always teach about helping others and tolerating each other’s religion.

However, religion also perpetuate a “box” to classify people. Let’s just say in religion there are two types of people, “Those who believe” and “Those who doesn’t”. While religion clearly define that always treat other nice eventhough they are not a believer, you just can’t get rid of the box you’re eyes are seeing. You saw that the one that doesn’t believe will eventually purge in hell when he dies. And that kind of perspective leads you the notion to protect the one who are the believers. You have to protect them from the abomination or blasphemy of those who don’t believe.

The mindset of a religious person always wants to prioritize those who are the believers first. Be it a Christian, Catholic, or Moslem, there will always that boundary that hinders you from getting as close as you are with the believers. Mecca and Madinah are the lands that forbid non-moslem from entering, while Christian believe you can only get to heaven if you accept Christ as your saviour.

People always ask me that if you don’t have an absolute morality or a morality compass, how do you define what’s good and what’s bad? Well, you know, for you who pride themselves for having a religion and having an absolute morality, do you accept stoning people to death for adultery in Islam? Or do you accept those who work in Sabbath be punishable by death for Catholic?

As Richard Dawkins said, “I don’t think I want an absolute morality”. I agree, I think there are no absolute morality. There are no black and white. Everything is circumstancial and thus, we have to have a moral compass that is thought out and discussed. Heck, even you theist cherry pick on your bible. You said that “No, this doesn’t interpret as it is. Sabbath must be a different meaning to it” and make the other good stuff as the divine prophecy from a divine being.

I’m not saying that religion is bad and needs to be eradicated. But I beg for you who believes in a God, please don’t let your love to God hinders the soul that makes you humans. Stop the prejudice and stop hesitating when helping a person in need. Be it a non-believer, convicted felon, or anyone that your little “box” doesn’t define “A believer.”


25 responses to “When a Religion Hinders Your Way On Becoming a Human

  1. As much as I don’t support religion, I believe that it was very useful back when it was first created. It helped maintain order and even prevent epidemics such as the spread of tapeworms. I think the reason that the reason that they did not want to have people converting to other religions was because it was a sign that they were either losing control of the population or that they were spies. Unfortunately some extremists take it too far.

    tl;dr: I believe religion was useful before to maintain order. In this day and age it is not needed.

    • Well, there is no black and white. I like religion to the extent of it teaches you peace and be an abiding humans in this world.
      However, when it comes to who will go to hell and who will go to heaven…

  2. I totally agree with you except in one thing: I do think there is a need for religion.
    I am an atheist as well but religion gives people hope and something to hold on to. In my opinion, if it keeps people from giving up and throwing their lives away, even if it’s all made up, then it deserves a place in society.

    I’m Portuguese and every year I hear in the news about how thousands of people come from all over the world to Fátima’s Sanctuary and it makes me think what would happen to them if suddenly religion was proved and announced as being fake =(

  3. Well, strong people don’t believe in God. But when they’re a situation where they find themselves as “weak”, they suddenly demand for God’s help…

    And Let me ask you some thing. What do you mean by “I do what I assume is right and what I believe a human would do”? How much do you know about human? How do you define “Human”?

    If your morality and conscience is corrupted, then your believe in being a human, your believe in what you do is right, also corrupted. Religion helps people avoid that. They need something over their reach to make them fear, respect and follow the “human morality”. That’s God, Religion. (I’m also a non-believer, so God don’t exist in my life) Human made up God, with Heaven as reward and Hell as punishment base from human actions in their lifetime.

    If there were no religions, this world would have doomed even now. And those who are “Non-believer” like me, admit it, our morality and conscience of being a “human” came from religions.

    I read this from “A Man for All Seasons”. “I know what’s legal not what’s right. And I’ll stick to what’s legal.” Do you agree with him?

    Guess I’m talking nonsense… Forgive me.. It’s just my opinion, don’t mind it okie? :3 Kthxbai

    • “Well, strong people don’t believe in God. But when they’re a situation where they find themselves as “weak”, they suddenly demand for God’s help…”
      Sorry, i don’t.

    • Then let me ask you this, “Do humans follow all the excerpt from the bible to govern a country?”. No, right? I bet you no one will agree (well, majority of rational people) to enact stoning people to death for adultery.
      So, I guess that’s what made you human. You discuss things in a rational and a sane state. And does no religion will bring doom to the world? Perhaps.
      However, war in the world was mainly caused by religion. Crusade, Middle East, 9/11, Hitler’s genocide, all of them are an act reprimanded in believing to God. And when human’s mortality rate keeps going down because of war, who kept the world going? The scientists.
      They succeeded in expanding human’s life expectancy and all the invention since England’s Industrial Revolution has bring humans from dark age to the reason age. And yes, Scientists also has a role in making bomb and such though.
      However, I do not believe human morality comes after religion. It’s the other way around. Proof? Look at the atheist. If it were just as you think, all of them will be corrupted. Religion doesn’t help people become nicer. It depends on the conformity to their ideals. Case and point, the “box” that I’ve been talking about. Religion could perpetuate racism and hate if people takes the bible in a too extreme fashion.

  4. T^T… But but… Religion is like a firm stone for people to hang in… to keep themselves from getting tainted, adrift.

    Even though Religion is made up of people’s morality, but religion can maintain longer than individual morality. And after generations, Religion born people morality. However, there are bad inside the good, religion can be good as long as the people within them are good. And wars are just the steps of protecting what is precious. And wars are bad, but doesn’t mean the results of the war are also bad.

    I’m can say I’m an Atheist, but my humanity came from religion, because the elder generations have their morality created from religions. They looked upon it to see what’s right and what’s wrong, and they passed down upon generations.

    And yesh, the non-believers would have corrupted if they’ve never make a contact with a religion before. They learn the general morality from the Religion, culture from their environment. And It’s their right to say they’re Atheist.

    Sowwie for Talking Nonsense T^T….. It’s just my opinion… *JEEZUS CAN GO DIE* YEAH~!!

    • However, these days it’s the other way around. And, it’s exactly what I say, it depends on the conformity of your ideals that you choose to follow your religion. People get the delusion that morality comes from religion. However in fact, as a human we have the decency to act rational. It’s just that a few centuries ago, people decided a “religion” to be a representative of morality.
      You can’t decide if people haven’t contact religion, they would be corrupted. Humans have by a long time embrace a religion. Be it fire- worshipper, to sun, to Norse, and then Islam or Christian. It basically evolves from war-ridden or barbaric views into a much calmer and peaceful notion.
      And you don’t have to apologize for commenting, dude. I created this post, exactly for this type of discussion.

  5. (I sense histories) No rebuttal…. (Scary~!!)
    *Hold Hand* T^T Such Profound thoughts…. Gomen Gomen… :3 Itnorite then, as long as our Atheists can believe in their beliefs and actions, the importance of religions will fade away.

    (Your soul shall be ferry to Hell). Just kidding.

  6. Here’s my stand on religion. I don’t believe that some imaginary man in the sky made everything around us. I have no reason to as I haven’t been shown any kind of proof that he exists. I do however follow SOME of the philosophies of a multitudes of religion. I try to uphold the Buddhist “karma” aspect and treat others fairly hoping that the favor will be returned some day or some way. When someone asks me for help, I lend a hand as best as I can, as many religions say you should.

    What really bothers me is when people think they have to preach about their religion and think that anyone who says otherwise is completely wrong. THAT is what bothers me the most about religion. I’m sure others feel the same way.

  7. To Souza Nurafrianto: I totally agree about your opinion.
    I am fine with the way the religions teach their follower about peace, humanity, etc. But when I see someone use his/her religion’s theory to judge the action of someone else is wrong, it sometine make me feel uneasy. Because in most of these situations (most, not all), I think what the one who being judged is the right one. I think their actions is right because these actions is what a “nomal” human will do, if I am him/her, I will do the same thing. It is not because I am an atheist that I think so, it is because my soul tell me that it is right.
    Some religions have some theory that alway make me feel uneasy, and when someone use these theory to judge someone actions is wrong, it hurt me a lot. I say that as a human, someone who follow his soul to treat things, not someone who use some stiff theories to judge something is right or wrong.
    I don’t have any bad intention when saying the above lines, I just thinks that a human should follow their soul, and just like what Souza Nurafrianto said: “please don’t let your love to God hinders the soul that makes you humans”!
    That’s all I want to say, if someone is bothered by my words, please forgive me.
    P/s: I am not so good at English so if I make some mistake when using it, please understand.

  8. Well, even without a religion, we still have the environment and culture. They also have a factor to human morality.

  9. There can be a huge difference between religion and a belief in God or a god. Being religious is usually done in self-righteousness, and trying to show how good one’s self is. I know people who base their lives around religion, and yet in doing so go against so many things they claim to believe. Then there are people like my own grandmother, who’s “religion” is really nothing more than insurance. She doesn’t really believe in God in any way, but goes to a church and plays religion on the weekends just in case. My point is, people often have religion simply as a way to make themselves look better, or for the “just in case” scenario.

    There are many religions, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons, who believe that you are required to do certain things. The former of the two believe that to go to heaven you have to go door to door and preach your beliefs to people. Mormons believe that you have to go on a two-year mission, and live by certain rules and you can become a god. They don’t care at all about the people they’re sharing their beliefs with, they only care about themselves. If there was nothing in it for them, they wouldn’t be doing it.

    “The mindset of a religious person always wants to prioritize those who are the believers first.”

    In so many ways this is true, but at the same time, with many religions, its more important to put yourself before anyone else, even though it goes against what they would have you think about them.

    Religion causes people to be arrogant and self righteous. I don’t think anyone will disagree with that. In the self-righteousness of religious groups, countless good deeds have been done, and lives saved. Yet, they do it for their own glory, not because they care.

    Atheists are kind of a wild card. Some are among the most wonderful people you’ll ever know, while others are even more arrogant than most religious people. Regardless, atheists generally help out others for the sole purpose of meeting a need that is there. While some will do it in hopes of being rewarded somehow, and to look good, I know many atheists who are more generous and giving than any religious person I know. The point is, they do it because they truly want to help.

    For having such a negative outlook on religion, people are usually surprised to learn I’m a Christian, and a very passionate one at that. This is where my first sentence comes in. While it may be a play on words to some people, I don’t view my Christianity as religion at all, but as a relationship with God. My belief is simply that I’ve screwed up pretty bad in life, and because of that I need a savior. I don’t believe in God because I was told to, or because I’m afraid of going to hell, but because I’ve looked at arguments presented for and against God, and truly believe He exists.

    Also oddly enough for me to say as a Christian, I fully agree with “I don’t think I want an absolute morality” (well, maybe not quite the way he worded it, but close enough). The thing with morality with religion is that it does one or both of two things: it causes hatred among two or more parties (be it two individuals, or two groups), and it causes non-stop preaching and looking down on people. A great example is homosexuality. While I personally want nothing to do with homosexuality, who am I to say no one can go against that? God gave us free-will, why would I tell someone not to use it? I believe its immoral, yes, and because of that I have chosen to never follow that route. Just because I believe its immoral doesn’t mean I think it must be prevented at all costs. While yes, some immoral actions are things that need to be punished (murder, as an obvious example), others are simply life-choices made by an individual and in no way affect anyone else. No one is in any place to judge any one else on their life choices. I admit it can be hard not to mentally judge someone (we tend to do that naturally), but it is so easy to not actually condemn them for their choices. People are so arrogant though that they choose to condemn people for the smallest and stupidest reasons.

    One last thing I want to comment on is this:

    “While religion clearly define that always treat other nice even though they are not a believer, you just can’t get rid of the box you’re eyes are seeing.”

    This is very true, and in no way can I argue this point. However, the following line actually supports my argument:

    “You saw that the one that doesn’t believe will eventually purge in hell when he dies. And that kind of perspective leads you the notion to protect the one who are the believers. You have to protect them from the abomination or blasphemy of those who don’t believe.”

    This is true of people who have nothing but religion. However, those who believe in God and don’t live their lives based on religion won’t fall under this. For instance, I’m not very quick to protect someone from “the abomination or blasphemy of those who don’t believe.” Its important to understand people, and its extremely important to understand people who have opposing views. If you think you have to protect someone from a differing view, else they might change to that view, I think you need to revise what you believe. If you think it is that easy to lose faith in something, its probably not worth having faith in. I’ve actually encouraged Christian youth to study evolution as well as several religious beliefs other than their own, and I continue to do so. Being blinded by faith is never something that helps a person, it will only cause problems. And I’m not excluding my own faith from that either.

    What I’m getting at with this small novel I just wrote is that religion is something made of the world for one to show to the world how good they are. The most religious people I’ve ever met don’t have a very good understanding of the God they claim to serve and worship. Then on the contrary, most people I know who have a very good understanding of God don’t live religious lives. Of course, I’m not saying that by not living a religious life they do nothing but sin, but that they don’t follow a systematic religion. It really boils down to religion being a list of dos and don’ts, whereas a true belief in God is generally a freedom from those same dos and don’ts, and the desire to live by God’s word (which is impossible to flawlessly do nonetheless). I believe that no action I do could send me to hell, but at the same time I have the desire to follow God’s morals as best I can, even though I really have nothing to gain from doing so.

    Religion is ugly. Its a tool people use to gain power over others, and to bring glory to themselves. It causes more problems than it solves, and it will always be that way. I’ll always hate religion, and so will the vast majority of people. And while people will always have valid arguments full of great examples of how religion screws things up, people also need to realize that not everyone who believes in God is religious, and that not all religious people have a firm belief in God.

    Its been a long time since I’ve written anything, and I’m tired, so sorry if I was rambling or repeating myself. Thanks for the article too, so many things you said I agree with, and a couple other comments got me thinking :)

  10. I agree with hihiirokane. As Religion doesn’t define your relationship to God. and Humans tend to use Religion to look good. You deserve my praise, sir. :)

  11. do u really read the news ?


    The priest was worried that the refugee was going to convert his followers to Islam.


    The news was saying, a grup of people wearing gamis suit was making a ruckus that islam refugee must not be at church, because they fear that the refugee will convert to christian ..

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