Desktop Goodies: Overcoat Girl Rainmeter

A shitty name, I know. Too bad I don’t know her name and what anime she come from. She reminded me of Arcueid Brunestud , so I guess that what motivated me on creating a Rainmeter skin out of her. Anyway, this is the last post for today and I hope you do all enjoy the Rainmeter skin I created. Thanks for the participation on the vote to make The Randomness Thing a slightly bigger^^.

Skin Name: Overcoat Girl Rainmeter

File Size: 185 KB

Color Theme: Yellow


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Rainmeter section. Happy downloading!


One response to “Desktop Goodies: Overcoat Girl Rainmeter

  1. Holy crap. You certainly went crazy on all the rainmeter skins, didn’t you. Sadly, I don’t use my Rainmeter program as much as I used to. I rarely look at my desktop anyway. It’s still nice to see all the neat creations you come up with.

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