World Theory Proposal – The Inception Case

I really wanted to do this post after I watched Inception about a month ago. I don’t know whether this post is appropriate for such a blog, but since the title is “The Randomness Thing” I thought I might give it a go.

Right, so I guess I will start by giving the world a theory of how the world is made from my point of view. I have many unproven theories about how the world is created although it is highly palusible for my logic. Thus, The Inception theory adds to many theories I have been thinking on how the world might start.

The basic argument about The Inception theory is, we don’t know how the world is started. Not one single human being has a recollection on how he ended up in someone’s womb. Where was he before that? If we stick to the religion theory that humans are created by God up in heaven, then why no one remembers the feeling in heaven?

I say we basically are in a some sort of a limbo, a dream that will never end. We may in fact are projections of someone’s dream, doing what a dreamer would logically do. If we would stick to this fact that we are in a limbo, then all the weird phenomenons that are unexplainable can be easily explained.

However, you could say, then what happens to the real world? How the dream starts? Then, I will ask you back, how would you know where is the real world and where is the dream world? You could be in a multiple layer of dream or you can be in an infinite layer of dream. So infinite that you can’t go back to the real world. If you are happened to be a projection of someone’s dream, than your real world is the one that is here right now right? Hence, my theory can be verified.

Now, humans always talking about there will be a judgement day that will destroy the whole universe. The Inception theory works perfectly in that assumption. The inception theory provides an argument that when a “kick” happens in the real world or perhaps the upper layer of a dream, then the person in that particular dream will experience a disturbance in the current dream layer. If the “kick” was meant to wake him up, then he will experience the world being collapse just like an emulation of a judgement day.

Therefore, the Inception theory is pretty much plausible for the current argument on how the world was made by considering if you believe to the theory of Creationist. I believe the Inception theory is more logical than the Creationist theory. Sorry, for making such a weird post but it’s just one of the things that makes me wonder and want to share.


21 responses to “World Theory Proposal – The Inception Case

  1. Even if you go back to the real world, how do you verify it? When you wake up from bed, how do you know you are in the real world. A great theory for someone who believes there is an omnipotent force that controls the world and its content.

  2. And the fun thing is, we could be the “God”, which fits Christian theory of having Jesus as the savior of human kind.

  3. about god thing…
    maybe it does hahaha
    If dream….
    then how come all people got a dream from their own dream????
    and about the world end…
    there is an end to a start,
    the question is when???
    nobody know right^^”’
    soo enjoy your life to the fullest haha

    • It doesn’t have to be one person one dream, you can be a projection of someone’s dream or I can be a projection of your dream. No one can verify who is the dreamer that’s why if he realized that he is the one who is dreaming, then he is Jesus.

  4. Wow, those are some very interesting theories Lucillia.
    I usually ignored the world ending parts just because so many people would start that one rumor like 2012 is the end and so on.
    But looking at the theory that we could be a projection of someone else’s dream, Jesus’ dream, It really does make things so interesting =O

    Great post, I like ^_^~!

  5. A dream? Well shi- xD
    I honestly i’m tired of 2012 rumors, instead of creating rumors and all they should enjoy their life :/
    I’m guessing the “Kick” is when you die?

  6. Wow, I didn’t realize that the post will create such responses. Thank you for weighing in your opinions, everybody.

  7. This sounds kind of like a more intricate version of an old theory I thought up/heard of once. I can’t say for sure I thought of it myself, and even if I had, I’m sure countless others have also. So credit can’t be given to anyone person, much less me.

    The theory basically states that instead of reality existing as we perceive it, it’s all fabricated in our mind. Not of multiple people, mind you, just one. To clarify, if the theory were true, I would be the only ‘real’ person. Everyone else – friends, family, teachers, acquaintances, strangers – are all created by my subconscious. Like how we sometimes hold hypothetical conversations with friends in our heads? Basically that, but personified, and replicated about a million times.

    And while it can’t really be proven true, it can’t ever be proven false, either. The magic of philosophical theories, I suppose. Some questions I’ve been asked are ‘how can I project a teacher; how do I teach myself something I don’t know?’ and ‘what happens to the ‘world’ when I die?’.

    For the teacher problem, it’s the same as when you forget an answer on a test or exam that you know you know. You know you know it, but can’t recall right at that moment. But it’s in your subconscious. It also ties into the answer for ‘what happens when I die?’ What if we don’t die? What if we’re reliving, or at least recreating similar scenarios over and over again? If everyone else were a projection, then we just create death in our minds. We’ve never experienced death personally; how do we know it’s actually death, and not another fabricated part of the false existence?

    Though, I guess false wouldn’t be the right word. We think it’s real, therefore it is.

    ….I don’t even know why I ranted so much. I guess I’ve always just found this subject intriguing. Sorry guys. Also, big fan of your works. Keep on being awesome :D

  8. That’s why we are introduced to layers of dream. The dreamer can be a different person in every layer, thus you get the information from the person who dream before you (If you happened to be the one that is dreaming).

    And subconciousness is something you perceived in your current environment. If you don’t know teacher in your world, then you won’t be projecting it. Plus, I have cover the argument with there is a possibilities that we are in a limbo which is a scrapment of dream of many people that becomes one. So, the disability to create certain projection by one man can be handled by the other one. But I guess, hypothesis action is one’s way to project things also just as you said.

    And thank you for your insight and time for reading the post.

    • I haven’t actually seen Inception yet (been planning to, probably really soon) so I don’t quite know how they handled the layered dream dynamic, but I think I have a basic understanding of it; I just don’t fully grasp it’s practicality. I mean, from what I understand, it’s a dream where you’re dreaming that you’re dreaming etc, etc, for as many layers as needed. And each dreamer in the dream can …dream different things. I think.

      But to think of something (which is what dreams are – thoughts) or at least to have at least a basic amount of knowledge about something we can create in a dream, we have to personally know something about it, don’t we? Which means all the dreamers are the same person, or at least different aspects of the same person.

      Unless we can dream that we have a different way of thinking (which sounds really hard already) and that person dreams that they have different ways of thinking and doing things. But that would mean that the first person could just as easily skipped right to the third, bypassing the second guy, meaning they’re still all one person. Basically, I’m not quite clear on how we could ever get knowledge that wasn’t already known to us in the first place; we can’t dream we know about something, and then have enough knowledge to teach another about it, right? …I think? So, I’m confusing even myself now, and I’ll stop.

      And while I won’t say there isn’t the possibility of something more… mystical e.g. many people’s dreams combining, I could never even begin to try and rationalise that. Though I don’t quite like using the term dreaming, because that implies that we’re sleeping. And then we have to wonder if we’re always sleeping, or if we are ever awake, but just don’t know because we ourselves are the dream. I find projected thoughts to be an easier explanation, because, well, who hasn’t ever just closed their eyes and created entire scenes out of boredom?

      Anyways, if you haven’t gotten bored of reading these ramblings yet, thanks for taking the time to read this and somehow not get bored.

    • What Lucillia is trying to say is, there is a possibility that we are in a limbo. In the movie, when a person who is dreaming got killed and he can’t get a kick from the upper layer (For example, too much anesthetic), he will be dragged to a limbo, which is a collection of combined dream from other dreamers.
      That way, the notion of having a projection without learning it first can be approved.

      • Yeah, that’s what I thought she was getting at. But the idea of limbo is still iffy for me, as is the idea of a shared consciousness, or a ‘pool’ of minds all dreaming about something. Either way :]

        And… I just noticed now how much I randomly typed out, sorry ’bout that. The theories were pretty cool though, I hope you guys will have more random (looking at the name of the site, probably) cool stuff like this on top of the great anime stuff in the future.

  9. Even after reading the comments and thinking and thinking, it still doesn’t make sense to me, if i say too much i will reveal too much information, not saying this theory is bad it just doesn’t make sense to me…*leaves*

  10. I like the the theory you propose here. My friends and I had a discussion like this a while ago. This is kind of how my physics professor described General Relativity to the class. He said space is curved, but that we can’t step outside of space to verify it.
    But it is still kind of creepy to even think about it in this way.

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