Series of Anime Review/Suggestions Part 2 – Summer Wars

Hello everyone,

Sorry I have not been posting albums lately but I will get to that soon when I get out on break!

Anyways, today I have been meaning to get this suggestion out there for awhile… but if you have not heard or seen it I would definitely recommend it!

This anime movie is called Summer Wars. Many of you probably heard of the movie “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, but if not, these are the same people who made this movie!

Summer Wars is about modern-day family involved with a crisis that puts their world and the virtual world known as Oz in danger. Basically everything to roads, medical care, etc. is controlled by this virtual world. The main character Kenji Koiso, is very smart when it comes to math, and when he gets a random text telling him to solve a 2056 digit math problem, he jumps straight in. Little did he realize that he allowed that ‘person’ to gain control of Oz…

I really do recommend this to everyone. It is very entertaining, intelligent, and has a way to make people think of what life would be like if our lives relied on this virtual world. o_o

The very concept is intriguing, and the only way to find out what I mean is to go watch it for yourself =)

The links are below, from top to bottom is based on quality and size (first is 1080p, second is 780p, and last is 480p)

Hope you all enjoy the movie =D

(The Trailer is in English, but actual torrents are Japanese dub, hope no one minds =x)


Download Links





5 responses to “Series of Anime Review/Suggestions Part 2 – Summer Wars

  1. i’ve been watch it sometimes ago… its really good in the story line though im not really impressed by its animation quality… but its really great >,> (doesnt meant to spoil all of the fun before u watch it @@)

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