Anime Opening Redundancies

Being an avid watcher of anime since I was at my elementary school has made me wondering to all of those opening. I was thinking that from time to time the opening of anime has very similar theme into it and this video shows it.

This is a compilation of every single anime that could be found although it’s not complete (If you can guess all of them than you are a complete otaku-God). It is not made by me and I know I should be either sleeping or studying for midterm, but I got bored and think to share you this instead.

This post doesn’t insinuate anything against anime. It’s just an observational article, so chill. So basically, you can break down all the entire anime opening collection into:

  1. Birds
  2. Pan Up to Sun
  3. Zoom in to Eye
  4. Running
  5. Glance Behind
  6. Floating Naked Girls
  7. Angst (Male) / Longing (Female)
  8. Stand on Peoples Heads
  9. Group Shot!
  10. Epic Clash
  11. Shaky Cam + Mysteriousness
  12. Symbolic Walking
  13. Parallel Sliding
  14. Flying
  15. Crying
  16. Glowing Spheres
  17. Feathers/Rose Petals
  18. Hand-holding / Hand Wriggling
  19. More Birds
  20. Standing back-to-Back


13 responses to “Anime Opening Redundancies

  1. Anime is already running for more than 40 years, I’ll be surprised if they still have something original left.

    All we can do is just enjoy it.

  2. Part of it can probably be attributed to human psychology. It probably just works much like how orange and blue work together for many movie posters.

    • And preference also I guess. This days, more and more anime are getting ecchi stuff in it with moe characters. I guess the era of action anime is slowly dying, huh? It’s either moe+ero or otaku+ero.

  3. I visit this site regularly.
    LOL This is the first time I’m posting a comment.

    Awesome Blog you have here.Cause I’m also a fan of touhou, vocaloids, Japanese and Korean music and anime and a chrome user.

    Did you find out about these anime opening redundancies from another site ?
    Name starting with Sank….
    Don’t want to say the whole name because of the mature content in it.

    • LOl, it appeared in Sankaku too. Exactly around a couple of weeks ago (or was it a month?) … :D

      Action anime is not dying, it’s just got overshadowed by it’s other genre. heck, there’s more action than just moe-blobs.

      Last season we have
      -Iron Man
      -Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto
      -Super Robot Taisen OS: the Inspector
      -Toaru Majutsu no Index II
      -Hyakka Rouran Samurai Girl
      -Otome youkai Zakuro

      Everyone one of this is still considered action genre, even though some are overshadowed.

      Next season 2011 will get (action anime)
      -IS: Infinite Stratos
      -(the current list lacks anime series, it has more OVA and OAD and Movies)

      • Eventhough they’re action genre, you can’t get out of moe-ero such as Hyakka Rouran Samurai Girl, Otome Youkai Zakuro, To aru Majutsu no Index II. And they literally are selling the moe and the ero instead focusing on the action or story. I remembered Seikon no Qwaser was such a badass anime if weren’t to the weird nipple-sucking heroes.
        Basically, I missed those pure action anime such as Darker Than Black, Hellsing, and other kick-ass action genre anime.

      • Yap, I have read a similar topic as this one from Sankaku also.

        I agree with Souza, and I have a feeling that these days the anime industry is slowly turning into ecchi, ero, moe or whatever industry (Hopefully, it’s just a wrong feeling).

      • I agree with souza too. just to name another one: High school of the dead would have been such an awesome anime except for the ecchi (too much and inappropriate for the setting) that and the fact that it’s only 12 eps long :(

      • The problem is Highschool of the Dead is already green-lit for a 2nd season… >_>

        Can’t blame the ero-ness, since the mangaka draws hentai doujins to, under the cricle name “Digital Accel Works”

        But the amount in the anime was a bit over the amount in the manga.

        example: boobs bullet time

      • I mean, I have no problems watching ero or moe anime. But action moe-ero that focuses only boobs? Come on, I’ll be okay if it were like Black Lagoon. That anime has very sexy ladies in it but they don’t overexposed them with moe-ero. I like my action ero anime to be subtle and focus on the main story. Else, just make it a hentai anime, would you?

  4. For me, I’m fine watching moe and ecchi/ero (more towards moe)anime as long as there are some heavy (not in seriousness)plots( such as seitokai no ichizon, nanoha and k-on, to name a few) but anime that full with ecchiness/eroness and almost no plot(kanokon comes in mind) that looks like the ecchiness as their only selling point. Why dont they make anime with more quality like Toaru??(while they have some ecchiness, theyre also have very deep plot)

    On a side note, did you guys/gals read baka-tsuki??
    Just want to know

  5. Also, I think you forget 1 more part…
    the characters attack(showing only 1 side unleashing/preparing attack, not the epic clash 1)

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