Mario Bros. in GTA: Shits Got Real

I’m literally sick of studying for midterm and I guess I’m turning to some videos from Dorkly Bits. This video however, is badass. Created and directed by The Country Club Pictures, this video is about Mario Bros. in GTA world. It’s a gangsterland out there and the dubbing is awesome. Mario and Luigi sounds very badass and eventhough the graphic is not that high def, but I liked it very much. If it were to be a game or movie, I would play and watch it for sure.


6 responses to “Mario Bros. in GTA: Shits Got Real

  1. if you think that’s badass, you have enver watched “there will be brawl” that is a really badass mini web series, you should watch it!

    • being badass doesnt mean “hello explosion explosion bye” besides is not a movie, is a web mini series, the thing is it revolves arround the plot, you cant just say “hey mi name is mario -explosion in the background-” because that’s what I think is boring, and the reason hollywood has become the lifeless trash that it is today, you should watch it looking more into the plot and then the accion.

    • Of course not. But it can’t live without guns or explosion. It’s like watching Die Hard but without the bomb. So bland. I’ll try to watch it though. if my brain is already cleared up from ever-complicated things to think about.

  2. And I thought that Mario was only a plumbing Italian Midget. Toad being black? cool. Yoshi being some Asian guy (prolly Japanese), awesome. The explosives, outstanding. Overall, EPIC.

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