Winamp Skin: Kantoku Girl

I was practicing on my winamp skin creation by reading a bunch of tutorial and finally I could make one although this is not an original design. The credit goes to murderprincess and msdzero for the skin that make this skin available. If this goes smooth, then this blog will have an additional desktop perks which is Winamp skin.

Skin Name: Kantoku Girl

File Size: 1.1 MB

Color Theme: Brown


Note: You have to have Winamp version 3 or above to get this skin working. Just double click the file when you finished downloading it. Happy downloading!


17 responses to “Winamp Skin: Kantoku Girl

  1. I hope you do Touhou too. since touhou was the very reason i bookmarked this blog. XD
    thank you!
    *from a winamp user.

  2. Wow Souza-san, you really outdid yourself this time. ~(*~*~)
    I wanna request something too. Maybe later since you still got your hands full with requests. :3

  3. Like I said before, in the previous comments, if the download site doesn’t work, I’ll put up a notice. Well..this one doesn’t work.

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