Winamp Skin: Hatsune Miku

Okay guys, Hatsune Miku is here for her first debut in Winamp Skin to this blog. Sylph-chan was glomping me to make “Love is War” version and she was bombarding me with a lot of pictures (Thanks for the pictures though). So, here it is guys, Hatsune Miku’s Winamp skin. I’m off with the next request: Touhou.

Skin Name: Hatsune Miku

File Size: 1.1 MB

Color Theme: Light Blue


Note: You have to have Winamp version 3 or above to get this skin working. Just double click the file when you finished downloading it. Happy downloading!

23 Comments Add yours

  1. AozuAkazu says:

    Thanks for this. I find it sort of hard to find good WinAmp skins that I like lol

    1. Do you like it?

      1. AozuAkazu says:

        Yeah, nice work!

  2. raz says:

    Wow!! That was fast. As expected from a pro. Thanks again man :)

  3. Noe Yume says:

    Can you improvise my rainmeter skin or make sumthing cool out of it….only if you want….I can send you the file…tnx ^^

  4. What’s wrong with your Rainmeter? I think it would be rude for me to fiddle around your creation. I’ll help with the bugs you encounter, though.

    1. Come to think of it, that was a stupid comment. I’ve been all my life fiddling with somebody’s work since this blog started. Anyway, I’ll help as best as I can.

  5. Xcyz Miyazaki says:

    i love it. *____*

  6. KuroNeko says:

    Really like the skin … Thanks a thousand folds !!!!

  7. karl says:

    mine isnt working :S

    1. kazasou says:

      How does it not work?

  8. karl says:

    wow quick reply XD well i downloaded the winamp 3, and then i click the link, it downloads, then when i go on the winamp skins, it ent there and it doesnt come up, says webpage cannot be found :S

    1. kazasou says:

      What? So you have downloaded the skin, right? When you double click the file, does it install the skin?

      1. karl says:

        it installs it, but doesnt come onto my winamp :/

      2. kazasou says:

        Exit Winamp and open it again or try to delete the skin file in your Winamp skin directory and install the skin again

  9. karl says:

    Nah didnt work, but hey thanks, im not even sure whats winamp is just looked like a cool itunes, but keep up the good workmate :)

    1. kazasou says:

      Probably want to make sure when you install Winamp, you pick the option to support modern skin.

      1. karl says:

        Ive looked up this hatsune miku thing and what people pay for a gig to see a hologram?

  10. Blubb says:

    After downloading and double click it asks me, if i really want to install it. I press yes and what I get is this:

    I tried it with another skin too, but it stayed like that.

    1. kazasou says:

      Does your winamp skin support modern skin?

  11. David says:

    Like I said before, in the previous comments, if the download site doesn’t work, I’ll put up a notice. Well..this one doesn’t work.

    1. kazasou says:


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