Winamp Skin: Saya

Yep, it’s here everybody. Saya’s debut on Winamp skin is finally here. It’s still the same old design and I’m still learning how the elements work in Winamp. Anyway, do enjoy the skin for the mean time.

Skin Name: Saya

File Size: 1 MB

Color Theme: Purple


Note: Installation and usage of this skin can be observed on the Winamp section. Happy downloading!


12 responses to “Winamp Skin: Saya

  1. I decided to look for the visual novel after seeing this submission and…the game is well…creepy to put it simply. It’s not bad but I’d say that I’m glad that I played it during the day.

  2. Best visual novel I’ve ever read. Hands down. So scary at 3 in the morning :p.

    Honestly tho, there was too much “adult content” in it. Some helped develop the story by showing you the connection between the main character and Saya, but they went slightly overboard. Either way, the story sucks you in and Saya’s mystery and relationship only deepens the plot.

    Still, very interesting story and I recommend this one for anyone who doesn’t scare too easily. It really gives you an entirely new perspective on life. VERY moving novel.

  3. Hmm, out of curiousity… could you possibly update this for Japanese characters? Like not in the playlist area of course, they work fine there, but in the area where it displays the current song. Japanese characters just show up as boxes. :( Thanks!

    (And yeah, Saya no Uta is absolutely amazing!)

  4. Like I said before, in the previous comments, if the download site doesn’t work, I’ll put up a notice. Well..this one doesn’t work.

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