Hypocrisy at Its Best: Indonesia’s Complain Against Malaysia for Using Laser on AFF 2010 Final

The round 2 of AFF 2010 final is today and I want to say a few things about the first round final match. During the play, there was a lot of complains about Malaysian supporters who uses green laser to bother Indonesian players. Even the majority of people blame this incident as the cause of lost on Indonesian side. I truly agree that this wasn’t a sportsmanship attitude and that is just a childish behaviour that doesn’t have a place for such glorious event.

However, I hate those who are blindly angry until the verge of bringing up old shit such as how Malaysia is a thief of Indonesian culture. I mean come on, have we enough of it already? And that discussion is clearly irrelevant as well as being stupidly petty. Some Indonesian people just can’t accept defeat gracefully. Hey, it’s football and there will be disturbance in the play. The players have to realize that and face it with professional mentality.

Besides, I don’t think we could blame Malaysians who used a laser pointer to disturb Indonesian team because there is no proof. And ok, if you guys want to go ahead thinking that the Malaysians did it because it was on their home turf and the laser was pointing to the Indonesian players. Now have a look at this video:

Zoom in to around minute 1:04 and can you see what happened there? There is a green light illuminating the Malaysian goalie and if you didn’t catch that, see the video here for a real slow-mo effect:

Now, I could also say that an Indonesian supporter was using laser because the match was on Gelora Bung Karno, Indonesia and it was pointing to a Malaysian player (in this case the goalie). If you say Malaysia is cheating using a laser then Indonesia might have as well cheated on their 5-1 victory. And to complain that we lost because of laser is just childish and ridiculous. This happens all the time even in the international level to a famous player such as Christiano Ronaldo:

I say, stop being such a winy douchebag and get your game straight. Lose is a lose and be done with it. No political talking, no irrelevant discussion over silly matter and be a professional already. Isn’t what really cause this is the media blowing up over Indonesia’s going to the AFF final and interview of many Indonesian players which cause them fatigue? If anybody, you should be hating the media for overhyping Indonesia’s victory and overtiring Indonesian players with all those interview. It’s time to go back to Earth and face the reality that we are trailing 3-0. Best luck to Indonesia and do your best on the second round of AFF final match.


15 responses to “Hypocrisy at Its Best: Indonesia’s Complain Against Malaysia for Using Laser on AFF 2010 Final

  1. you are right bro. win and lose is the tradition of the game. maybe today you lose, but who knows maybe tomorrow you will win.

  2. Yes, I agree, there’s no proof. Although we’re (I mean, Indonesia) lose on that final match and some majority of people still says that it’s because the Malaysians (What I saw from Twitter).

    Well, just accept the loss, right?

  3. Why are people still going on with the thief story over and over again. It has nothing to do with football anyway. a win is a win, and a lost is a lost. Both team played their best in both game, each giving their best play. I’m a Malaysian and i think both country performed well. I saw laser pointer pointed to players in almost all of the games during the AFF matches. But some of the countries didn’t even bother to complain about it, all they care about is playing their hearts out. This is football and not some political debate, let’s just separate these two things.

    I would still congratulate both teams for playing the finals, and the Indonesian player who got the MVP award.

  4. dexter8@

    buat kamu dexter8, mungkin aku gag usah pake bahasa inggris segala, cz kamu juga ngerti bahasa INDONESIA…..

    Wahay bangsa Malaysia, bangsa para Anjing berhati Babi, yang tak kenal nilai harga Diri, maunya menang Sendiri, meski harus ilang harga diri……………


  5. We don’t support war in anyway, and we want to keep this TRT clean from that.
    Being patriotic is okay, but DO NOT feel to do genocide in the name of patriotism.

    and one more thing, even though this started as a small indonesion blog, it’s now viewed by many people in a International level, so PLEASE USE ENGLISH.

    so that last comment that maybe you’ve just seen, I’ve set it into a spam.

    Anyone who posts “negative post” will be set as spam. And don’t cry out “free-speech”. This is our rules.

    • well, it’s one of those “flame baits” in internet forums, the people who posts these kinda of messages won’t even care in one slight bit.

      It’s useless to reply to these kinds of comments.

      Basically, in internet Lingo, “That was a troll”, and in the internet “Do not feed the troll”.

      Just ignore and make sure these kind of post doesn’t touch/exist in TRT.

    • I know. But TRT basically stands on the principal of post anything you want. I’m worried that if we begin to do censorship, we will be called bias. As for troll, I like to bash them for fun and see if he respond.

      • Well, let’s see if “he” even cares to post back first then.

        about the censorship, Freedom also has it’s limits.

        His post was obviously an insult to another Race, which is racist.

        Even in my other forum (you know which), these kinda things are not welcomed.

        Free positive writings and posts are the one that we must support, not like that one.

      • Then it will be my own personal satisfaction if he don’t. Of course we don’t support any racist comments, that’s why I want to hammer it down. I like to think if we censor comments, then we caved in to his arguments.

  6. For kaimax and Souza, apologies if this post is a little bit offensive or feeding the troll bit if you need to, you can set this comment to spam…

    Cah Indonesia, what a great comment!! your second paragraph is almost like poem except the first verse…

    Sarcasm aside, please use proper words…
    You bash dexter just because s/he is malaysian and no other reason. his/her comment is not offensive at all so that is what I can conclude. Chill down…

    Really, the “tarian pandet, kain batek” problem is just too overhyped. We’re all, Malaysia and Indonesia, was under the same “empire”, so it is inevitable that we share almost similar culture… the problem sparked when some idiot high ranking ”tourism handler” for lack of better word said that these dance is exclusively Malaysian. most of us Malaysian dont even realised this until the backlash occured. So please understand that this is a very stupid but big misunderstanding…
    If you still defending that, what about rice,our staple food then? rice historically from China… so if The China(because malaysian and indonesian also have chinese) claimed that rice is their “culture” and forbid us from eating it, would you agree??( I know this is “a bit” extreme, but then…)
    so please stop these nonsensical thing…
    my advise is,
    1. please understand what others are posting(assuming if you know english,it looks like to me you dont)
    2. think more

    for kaimax an Souza, kudos for both for being understanding and more open-minded


  7. Don’t worry man I won’t set your comment to spam. As I and Kaimax have argued we agreed not to censored any comment eventhough it might be considered racism or anything hurtful. I believe in free speech and if you don’t like what other is saying, just bash them harder to silence them. But of course, we try to keep things on topic though.

    That aside, yeah I totally agree with what you said. Can we just get through the non-sense already?

  8. Well said guys. we are all humans, and mostly all of us have “humanity”, fighting over such useless things are nonsense and admins, I sincerely, agreed with you guys.

    Regards, Imperialz.

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