Hatsune Miku MUGEN Character

Monty Oum is at it again. This time he is doing a rendition of Hatsune Miku as a MUGEN fighter. This character is still on progress though. However, you can see how awesome Monty Oum can be in designing the move and animation of the character. I was practically asthonish and can wait until he completed his Vocaloid characters. You can follow his journal here to give him feedback or such.


5 responses to “Hatsune Miku MUGEN Character

  1. wow that is pretty neat =o
    Shamefully I is horrible at fighting games >_<;
    still troubled with Touhou 12.3 o_o;

  2. Lol, not this again. I heard about this just a day ago – probably one day before your post came in. I read about this upcoming Mugen Vocaloid charas on my favourite blogging site that I also known a long time ago.
    Link to whoever wants to see it:
    Did someone mention that the way the characters make combos kind of resembles something that you would find out of a Blazblue game? (I know the person in my fav blog site mentioned it)

    And, about that Touhou 12.3 that you mentioned, Kesuki…Hisoutensoku/UNL, was it? I had a heck of a time trying to learn it as well. e.e
    Well, maybe it didn’t seem that hard cause I originally played Touhou 10.5 (SWR) first but…up to now, I can only beat opponents (and campaign) on normal and I only know how to use 2 characters properly (laugh all you want, I know T_T). Did I mentioned that my Touhou 12.3 is busted in a way too? ._.

    • Er, I only know how to play a few characters too >_>;;
      But if your touhou 12.3 is busted, if you want I can upload it and post it? o_o
      Also I played Blazblue, its fun for awhile but I could never really get the hang of some attacks so I fail XD

      • Yea, my Touhou 12.3 is indeed busted. But I find it kinda weird cause my brother stole a copy of the game from my computer and for some reason, it works perfectly on his. You know the unlockables after you beat the campaign mode? About that….whenever I play the campaign mode (I only have Sanae’s >.>), after the 3rd match, the game just crashes when trying to load the next battle. I tried playing over and over again but to no avail. So I rage quitted.

        Blarghh…well anyway, it would be nice if you could send a better version – as long as I don’t need a torrent to run it.

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