Memento: Memories Can Be Treacherous

This film is directed by Chritopher Nolan, who also directed Inception. I’m now a great fan of his film and this film is one of his best artworks so far. The film revolves around a man who got anterograde amnesia disease, which he can’t create new memories or remember memories excepts prior to his wife’s death.

He has only 15 minutes of attention span and less if he is in a panic state or distracted. Then, his memory will be restarted from beginning when his wife died. He gets by his handicap by creating photographs to recollect what he has done so far.

So, what is the film about? The main actor in this case is a man named Leonard whose the man with the anterograde amnesia. He lives for a vengeance on his wife’s death by finding a man named John G. His body is filled with tatoos describing how or what John G is and the story is divided into two section: colored and black/white scenes which are related to each other. The best thing is that the two sections will be converged into one answer which describe the film.

I’m not going to tell you the story plot since it will spoil the fun watching. But I will give you the key ingridient which makes this film a great masterpiece: “Memory is not reliable and can’t be trust. Memory can be bend and distorted. It is an interpretation.”


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