Random Anime Post Part 1 – Angel Beats Special and Another Epilogue

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone knows about this anime. But if not, You should check it out =o

I recommend watching the whole season before watching the two videos I plan to have linked so… Spoiler you has been warned x_x;

Anyways, people wish to know what happens after the 13th episode can find it on the epilogue. However I am not too entirely sure if this would lead to the next season (but one can never know entirely!)

According to ANN these episodes below are “The “one more ending that no one knows” will serve as an alternate last segment for the final episode of the anime, which aired on June 25.”

Anyways here are the too links, enjoy the Special and if you have already seen them… well… Watch them again? o_o;

They are torrents so =x

Enjoy the ending song: Brave Song ^_^

For more information on Angel Beats check out this post by Lucillia =D


Download Link:

Angel Beats Special: http://mazuisubs.com/torrents/Mazui_Angel_Beats_-_Special_XviDE49CD336.avi.torrent

Angel Beats Another Epilogue: http://mazuisubs.com/torrents/Mazui_Angel_Beats_-_Another_Epilogue_C230789A.mkv.torrent


22 responses to “Random Anime Post Part 1 – Angel Beats Special and Another Epilogue

  1. Hmm… Is there a way to have this link off to Lucillia’s post on Angel Beats?
    Probably be best in case people want to know what the anime is about.

  2. erg… just a random wonder, but is it possible to add clocks to the website to show the time for where we live or times of the world? o_o
    Sylph is on around … 1-2am where I am =x
    Souza is…. 7pm?
    I has no idea
    More or less for convenience if anything~

  3. I really liked the alternate ending, badass Otonashi was very cool.
    Also it made me think that there might be some time paradox thing that he was the one who created the Angel Player software and that he is the one who was waiting for his girl.
    I guess the guy with the computers talked about this.
    But it is probably just nonsense lol.

    • … well considering in the ending there already was a mess of time that Tenshi got his heart from his donation and therefore died after he did, but he was the last one to show up in the world and she was there before everyone else, it wouldnt be that odd if this was the case.

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