C79 Esquiise VIII Illustration Book

So, this is the latest Illustration from 2 of my favorite Illustrators Amaduyu Tatsuki and Mitsumi Misato, both are well known Illustrators that is now working under the company called LEAF, a company that produces many Visual Novels and considered to be one of the oldest and the most successful, with VNs like Utawarerumono and To Heart 2.

If they’re not working with projects with LEAF they usually do some illustration for The COMIKET. Their Circle name is Cut-a-Dash. Besides drawing original characters, they also draw characters from games and current anime.

Here’s the content of their latest Illustration Book.

Here’s the Download Link for the Packed one.

I might do another Gallery that focus on Amaduyu Tatsuki, Mitsumi Misato, Nakamura Takeshi and Kawata Hisashi in the future. 4 of my Favorite Illustrator


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